Omaha Nebraska Weather Climate Seasons

Omaha, Nebraska is one of those blessed states that enjoy 4 seasons. Not every state can boast that and having lived in nearly all fifty states of this great country, the climate here has something for everyone.

Spring time fills the air with the scent of blossoms from gardens and lilac bushes and apple trees. There is a constant breeze in Nebraska due to it’s rolling prairies that carry this scent no matter where you are. The median temperature sits around 70 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Usually, there is plenty of precipitation during late March into mid-April making the area green and alive.

Summer gets hot, with temperatures as high as 100 degrees. Perfect days to enjoy the local pool or some of the man made lakes they have put up around the metro area. The fire department invites the kids out when they flush the hydrants to cool off from the high humidity. The nights are mild and perfect to enjoy a walk through some of the city parks or enjoy an outdoor dinner in the Old Market area. Midsummer also brings some violent storms to the area, which are fun to watch, but not participate in.

Autumn is the best time to enjoy the bluffs. The temperature is still mild and warm. It’s a perfect time to camp along the Platte River and enjoy the autumn color. You can also spend the day along the Missouri River on the banks of east Omaha. Fall foliage always looks best among the bluff country. The wind picks up at this time of year, and the spring and summer smells goes from blooming flowers and fresh cut grass to the scent of burning leaves in a backyard.

Winters in Omaha can be harsh at times but for the most part they are fairly mild. Usually, a major snow fall will be melted and gone the next day. Omaha is prone to ice storms during the winter more so than heavy snow. This sometimes makes the roads near impossible to navigate whether driving a 4 wheel drive or 2 wheel. The temperatures are mild for winters in a prairie state, and rarely drop below the zero mark. Snowmobilers and ATV users make the best out of Nebraska winters. There isn’t a lot of ice fishing in Omaha, most fishing is reserved for the warmer seasons.

Omaha is surrounded by bluffs and doesn’t flatten out until you reach the west side of the metro area. The bluffs block most of the heavy winds no matter what season you’re in, and leaves you with a slight breeze within the city. A perfect area for mild weather no matter what season you’re looking for.