Old Market Omaha

Located on the Missouri River, Omaha is the largest city in Nebraska. As with any mid-sized city, Omaha has a lot to offer, including many cultural attractions and a lively nightlife. Its hub for arts and entertainment is Old Market, and it is a must-stop if you visit Omaha.

Below is a guide to Old Market, which is located in downtown Omaha.

* What is Old Market?

Old Market is an historic district in the city, as is evidenced by its brick streets. It is registered on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. Once the industrial hub of the city, it is now the premier entertainment district.

When you walk through the streets of Old Market, you will enjoy the past meeting the present. Restored warehouses now serve as art museums.

Modern restaurants line the streets. Revelers walk around after a lively night at an Old Market bar. Street performers amuse both kids and adults.

With the city having spent close to $2 billion in renovating this area, it is a visually impressive area in Omaha. It offers the best of shopping and dining. And you can see performing arts here or learn more about history at various museums.

No matter what you enjoy, you can likely find it at Old Market. It’s a great place to spend with your family on a Saturday afternoon. Or it’s equally neat for taking your spouse on an anniversary date on Saturday night.

* Key attractions

For those who are into the arts, Old Market is dense with both galleries and performing arts centers. It’s an ideal place to spend a weekend. Some of the art galleries include Lucille’s Old Market, Bella’s Place and Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts.

As Omaha is a community that celebrates the arts, you will have no shortage of wonderful art to view. Omaha is historically a big proponent of the performing arts as well.

Located in or very close by the Old Market district are various outstanding performing arts centers including: The Rose, Blue Barn Theatre, Holland Performing Arts Center and Omaha Symphony Association.

Old Market is bursting with opportunities to enjoy the arts. It’s an incredibly dense district full of artistic energy that you can feel throughout the streets.

* Restaurants galore

Old Market also attracts people due to its wonderful restaurants. If you are looking for a romantic night out, then there are lots of fine dining options such as Ahmad’s or Vivace.

There are numerous casual restaurants, which often fits the bill after a day of window shopping and museum stops. You can find pubs, such as the charming and cozy M’s Pub, or cafes including the French Cafe.

With well over 20 restaurants from which to choose, you can be sure to find what you are craving. And for those who prefer drinking to eating, there are plenty of bars in Old Market as well.

Popular hot spots include Lucky’s ten O one and Nomad’s Lounge. There is great diversity in the night life options, including clubs, dimly lit bars and hip lounges.

* Shopping

As if Old Market did not have enough to offer when it comes to the arts and dining, there’s more! No entertainment district would be complete without upscale shops and boutiques, and you can be assured that Old Market delivers.

If you are into collectibles, check out Second Chance Antiques or Retro Recycle. For books and trinkets, you will enjoy New Realities Books & Gifts.

And for the clothes horse, there are plenty of neat boutiques that offer all kinds of cool stuff. Shops like Nouvelle Eve and Mairzy Doats are sure to catch your eye.

As you can see by this guide to Old Market in Omaha, you can easily spend hours in this historic arts and entertainment district. If in the Omaha area, you will not want to miss visiting Old Market, which has been recognized by many national newspapers and publications.