Neighborhood Guide South Salt Creek in Lincoln Ne

South Salt Creek is a neighborhood that is located in the city of Lincoln in the state of Nebraska. This neighborhood spans an area of 2.096 square miles. The population of this neighborhood is 3,210. The transportation system in South Salt Creek is served by three highways, streets, courts, avenues and two railroads. This neighborhood has a creek that runs through it and it is called Salt Creek. Salt Creek draws many visitors for fishing, kayaking, boating, and other water sports. The South Salt Creek Community has a neighborhood organization called the South Salt Creek Community Organization. This organization has a scrapbook that dates back to 1978 that relates to the neighborhood. You can visit the Lincoln Convention Center for more information about visiting this beautiful neighborhood.

A main attraction in this neighborhood is the Salt Creek Levee Trail. This trail provides a beautiful scenic route for bikers, runners and walkers along the waterway. This trail is made of crushed limestone. Views along this trail includes some of the oldest neighborhoods in Lincoln and an old railroad bridge. Many nature lovers are attracted to ths area. The southern end of this trail connects to Bison Trail. Bison Trail leads to Pioneers Park. Pioneers Park is a wildlife sanctuary that has plenty of bison, elk and white tailed deer. It also has hiking trails, woodlands, prairies, and wetlands. The northern end of the trail is paved. From here, you can visit Haymarket Park. This park is located near the historic Haymarket District that dates back to the 1800s.

The South Salt Creek neighborhood is a very nice place for a family vacation because there is so much for the whole family to enjoy. Hotels are located nearby and they offer great accommodations to visitors. These hotels will accept reservations and booking online. They can provide visitors with area maps and driving directions. Their professional staff will ensure you have a very comfortable stay. South Salt Creek is a great place to relax and enjoy the natural beauty this neighborhood has to offer. This neighborhood has a potters’ workshop that provides studios for ceramic artists. This workshop is called Salt Creek Potters’ Workshop. Ceramic artists can come to the workshop to make their ceramics. Many of their works are on display or for sale in the South Salt Creek neighborhood. The residents of this community are very friendly and welcoming.