Gene Leahy Mall Omaha

If you live in or near Omaha, Nebraska, one of your favorite landmarks is probably the Gene Leahy Mall, which is like a smaller version of Central Park. This scenic 9.6-acre park provides a slice of nature amidst the buildings of the downtown area, and it is a great place to spend an afternoon.

Named after a former mayor of Omaha, the Gene Leahy Mall was renovated less than five years ago. Money was invested in the park in an effort to draw more businesses and residents to downtown Omaha.

If you are interested in visiting the Mall, below are some fun things to do in this park, which runs along Farnam and 10th streets.

* Go for a walk or jog.

One of the most popular things to do at the Mall is to go for a walk or a jog. The beautiful park features numerous paths, and you can have fun creating various jogging routes. One popular path actually circles a big lagoon.

It’s nice to get some fresh air in the park while exercising. And for downtown dwellers, the park provides a slice of nature and a break from their urban dwellings.

* Have a picnic.

There are plenty of places to spread out a blanket and unload your picnic goodies at the Mall. After all, a park is the perfect setting for some cheese and wine.

The Mall is a peaceful park, which makes it all the nicer for a picnic. It’s a good first date setting, or you can enjoy time with your family here.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery. You can also enjoy some people watching while enjoying your food.

* Play!

Children love parks, and the Mall is no exception. There is a sand-covered playground area for you and your kids.

One of the favorite things here are gigantic and curvy slides. Kids adore them, and sometimes you may catch a grownup on them, too.

* Feed the ducks.

Another favorite pastime with kids is feeding ducks. So be sure to bring some crusty bread, as there are plenty of ducks to feed at the Mall.

* Take some pictures.

These days, many engaged couples like to get their picture taken for wedding websites and engagement announcements. Well the Mall is the perfect place to take these shots!

It’s also an ideal setting to capture some photos of your constantly changing children. You can get some beautiful pictures, particularly at sunset, that include both trees and city buildings in the background.

And for any amateur photographers out there, the Mall is a great place to capture all kinds of things: couples walking hand in hand, children giggling at the ducks, grassy knolls and big, old trees.

* Listen to music.

When the weather is warm, there are often outdoor concerts at the Mall. There are fewer things that are more fun than seeing some live music outdoors on a pretty summer day.

* Look at the lights.

During the holiday season, the Mall becomes a magical place, as it is lit with thousands of twinkling lights. Take a winter stroll through the lights, and you will feel a bit more in the holiday spirit.