The Climate of Missoula Mt

Missoula Montana’s overall climate is classified as semi-arid.  This essentially means that the area experiences four seasons.  Summers and winters are long with summer consisting of hot and dry conditions and winter with cold temperatures and moderate amounts of snow.  Spring and fall, here, are short seasons with transition from hot to cold weather and cold to hot weather rather rapidly.

Since Missoula is located in the western part of the state and is rather protected by high mountains, its winters are milder in terms of temperature than other parts of the state.  However, the climate is damper than many other areas of the state in the winter averages 43 inches, while little precipitation is generally seen between the months of April and October. Sometimes there are periods of high rainfall in June and July but that can really very from year to year.  The high climates and mountains of the region have a fairly great impact on the weather.

Summers see high temperatures peaking generally around 84 degrees Fahrenheit with large amounts of sun, however temperatures generally fall off drastically at night so night and day temperatures contrast significantly. There is little need for air-conditioning except for summer afternoons when temperatures are at their highest.  For this reason, many of those living in Missoula enjoy low utility bills, especially in the summer. Winters can be a different story however.

The climate in Missoula is fairly mild in terms of other areas that experience four seasons.  Although there is snow and winter obviously sets in every year, temperature are generally quite bearable.  It’s very rare for temperatures to fall below 15 degrees above zero even in December and January, which are the coldest months.  Winds are rarely above a gentle breeze so wind chill is generally not a factor.  And, although summers can be hot on some days, it’s rarely ever above 85 degrees and when nightfall comes, temperatures cool off considerably rather quickly. 

Missoula rarely experiences catastrophic weather.  With its land-locked location, hurricanes do not occur.  Earthquakes and tornadoes can occur and do sporadically happen, however they are rather rare. Most of those living in Missoula can count on the same types of weather year after year with few major surprises. 

Missoula, Montana has a great climate for those people who enjoy four seasons amongst picturesque scenery with temperatures that are not terribly extreme and unbearable.