Residents Guide to Thompson Falls Montana

The small town of Thompson Falls in Montana is the county seat of Sanders county. Situated on highway 200, it is also on the banks of the Clark Fork River. The beauty of the river valley where it is located is enhanced by heavily forested mountains to either side.

Though the population of this town is less than 2000, there are many businesses that cater to the needs of the residents. Convenience and friendliness are hallmarks of the town. People, here, are seldom in so much of a hurry to stop to say hello or to give helpful answers to questions that are asked. 

People who love watching and viewing wildlife are at home in this place. Herds of bighorns live in the area, and both deer and elk are commonly sighted. Many seem to even pose for the photography enthusiast, even at close range. They don’t seem to worry a great deal about the presence of people, though this also means that people traveling in and out of Thompson Falls do need to be on the lookout for these magnificent creatures crossing the road. 

Forest land can be found on either side of the town. This means that even more wild animals can be found, including hawks, eagles, grouse, ducks, geese, squirrels and just about any other animal commonly found in forested and mountainous regions that are close to water.

Outdoor recreation is easy here. Fishing for the many species of fish is within walking distance. In the summer, swimming and boating are popular and easy to come by. In the fall and spring, big game hunting and hunting for game birds is easy to do, for the person who loves hunting.

There are also many opportunities for camping without traveling far from the town. If a person doesn’t mind the additional travel, the number of places that are available increase tremendously. Thompson Falls is around an hour’s drive from the Idaho border and not much farther from Lake Pend Oreille. The town is also only a couple of hours away from Missoula.

As a crow flies Interstate 90 is about 30 miles away, and this interstate goes through Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, which is roughly the same distance away as Missoula, Montana. The Canadian border isn’t even very far away, so people have a large number of scenic drives they can take, for simple enjoyment.

Several historic sites can be found in nearly any direction from town. There are also quite a number of hiking trails, many of which follow the routes the explorer in this area originally took. A person could take a lifetime fully researching the history of the area, and still would probably not be finished.

A great place to live and a fun place to visit, with astounding scenery all the way around, Thompson Falls has a little of everything for the person who prefers the country to the noise and hassle of the city. This is a great place to be.