Resident’s guide to Alder, Mont.

Found in Madison County, Montana, Alder is a little town with a big spirit. Highway 287 runs through town, which has an altitude of over 5,000 feet. The Zip code is 59710. Though there are just a little over 100 friendly people living here, this town is in a beautiful river valley and has great scenery, especially of the mountains. 


This town was the second gold rush town in Montana, the location of the gold find being Alder Gulch, and word has it that there is still gold in the area. Silver has also been found in this location. This was still one of the biggest gold producers anywhere.

The town was named after Alder Creek, which flows through it. In turn, the stream was named after alder trees that grow here. Naturally, there are other trees growing in the area, such as firs and pines. The presence of many streams and trees means that there is also abundant wildlife in this place.

Nature and photography

Deer, elk and occasionally big horns and mountain goats visit this location. Grouse, wild turkeys, little birds of many species including hummingbirds and ducks and geese frequent this place. People who love to photograph wildlife would probably be pleased with the variety of animals that are available to take pictures of. 


Big game hunters also don’t have to go very far to find game to fill the freezer. The abundance of meat that is available makes this a great place for residents, even for just filling the larder and keeping it that way. Duck and geese hunters are likely to also be able to procure food. The quantity is great enough that hunting is not a hard task and residents don’t have to go very far to get to hunting grounds.


Fishermen also have a great chance at their challenging sport. The many streams have fish that tend to be wily but hard hitting. Because of the cold and fresh water, they are also great tasting. 

Location and attractions

Alder, situated in the southwest corner of Montana, is also less than 30 miles from Interstate 15, and less than 50 miles from Yellowstone National Park. Yellowstone is one of the best known national parks in the US, for good reason. Sparkling clear water, animals, geysers, lakes and unbelievable scenery all grace this park. Residents of Alder have a short drive to enjoy it all.

Town is located midway between Sheridan, Montana and Virginia City, Montana. Both of these towns are about 10 miles away. Bozeman is roughly 50 miles away, as is Interstate 90. 

Alder has an extremely good elementary school that serves the community. Kids as far away as Sheridan even get their schooling here, because of the quality of learning and the devotion of the teaching and school staff. High school, in Sheridan, is still close by.

This is a great small town to live in. It isn’t big, but the people really are friendly and willing to help someone in need. Yet, it is and may always be, a small town. That is the way the residents prefer it.