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Montana is the place to be if you are an “outdoor” person. Big Sky country is a truly fitting name for this place that is so breathtaking. The rugged Rocky Mountains, the rushing rivers, the variety and abundance of wildlife all combine to make this an outdoor paradise.

There are so many things to do for the outdoor person that it is difficult to choose. Plan on making an extended vacation to this area. A few days will not do it justice.

Try to drive the Beartooth Scenic Highway from Red Lodge to Cooke City. You can see snow in August in shady spots and at that altitude, snowfall can occur even in the summer months.

Montana is a photographer’s dream. A trip through Yellowstone National Park is a step back in time. Bison herds are found in Hayden Valley and Lamar Valley and small herds may be spotted almost anywhere in the park. Sometimes they block the roads as herds of hundreds cross the roads or even use the roads to reach new feeding areas.

The huge herd bull challenge each other for breeding rights to the cows and paw huge clouds of dust into the air and snort as they posture t threaten each other. These are usually mock fights, but occasionally you will see challengers put to flight by the dominant bull’s savage charges.

Elk are abundant, antelope will be seen in select spots, eagles are spotted at times and the occasional moose will pose for a photo opportunity. In Lamar Valley, the wolves are in residence and for the photographer willing to scan the valley for a while, they will spot them trafficking along the river. Grizzly Bears are often seen here as well.

On a recent stop at Cooke City, we saw a black bear stroll through town, crossing the main street and stopping traffic. He moved unhurriedly, affording the tourists many photo opportunities.

Fly fishing is great in Montana, as they have some of the best trout rivers in the west. The Madison, Gallatin, Yellowstone and many more make finding a hot-spot easy. West Yellowstone, Montana, is probably the epicenter of fly fishing in the western states. It seems there is a fly shop on every corner.

Glacier National Park on the north end of the state offers beautiful terrain with mountain goats and sheep, rugged peaks, tumbling streams and more. The “Going to the Sun Highway” is a requirement for anyone looking for an awesome drive through some of the most gorgeous scenery in North America. Birdwoman Falls is spectacular, as are the vertical cliffs that hang over the narrow road that winds along the cliff face. Water showers off the wall onto the vehicles as they pass.

“Big Mountain” ski resort, Buffalo Cafe in Whitefish, “Huckleberry Festival ” in Whitefish, Flathead Lake boat cruise or fishing for lake trout – these are just a few of the things to note on your schedule.

Montana is a wonderland for the vacationer and a great place to live for the rugged individuals that call it home.