Information on Outdoor Activities in Montana

Are you looking for a place that will keep you busy in the great outdoors from morning until night and then some? Well, look no further there are so many outdoor activities to enjoy in Montana that you just might want to stay. Montana offers a wide variety of outdoor activities for all kinds of sportsmen as well as families or just the average sightseer. So come along while we take a look at what’s waiting for you in this outdoor heaven. Regardless of your interest in sports Montana delivers the same kind of excitement. Whether you’re into hunting, fishing, mountain biking, camping, boating, hiking and pretty much anything else Montana has it all. Montana’s population is not all that big so you’ll have plenty of room to roam.

Flathead Lake

Is fishing your sport? Come on over to Montana for the best fishing of your life. The rivers team with native rainbow brook trout and cutthroat trout. Montana’s lakes hold such fish as lake trout, pike, bass, whitefish and perch. This is just a few of what you find in these lakes. If you visit Flathead Lake you can catch twenty to twenty-five pounders of lake trout and this is not unusual in this lake. The scenery of the surrounding mountains is exceptional. Both the Flathead River and Swan River flow into Flathead Lake which helps to keep this lake exceptionally clean. There are also plenty of other lakes that you can try your luck at such as The Great Salt Lake you’re bound to go home with your limit. Does this sound like an angler’s heaven? Well, it is!

The Glacier

If your hobby is seeing Glaciers Montana has this to. Visit Glacier National Park which is located in the North ends of Northwest Montana and treat yourself to the most beautiful scenery you will ever see and its glacier. This is a hikers dream there are over 700 miles of hiking trails to hike here. If you want to see this spectacular scenery on horseback, that is available also. This park covers approximately 1.4 million acres of wilderness and its all there waiting for you. It is best to visit this glacier in the spring and summer although the park is open all year around but due to the weather this is the best time of the year. Montana’s glacier enjoys its peak month for visitors in June through September.

The Lewis and Clark Trail

The Lewis and Clark Trail in Montana is Pompey’s Pillar which is located 28 miles east of billings. This is a large sandstone rock outcropping that was named after John Baptiste Charbonneau. The reason this is such a popular attraction is due to the fact that Clark etched his signature into the rock in 1806 and is still very visible today. You can also see early American Native animal drawings at this same site. Heading west you will come to Missoula which has more interesting Lewis and Clark Trail Montana Landmarks such as the historic Lolo Trail. Go through the Bitterroot Mountains and onward to Idaho and you will still be following the Lewis and Clark Trail.

The Montana Hot Springs

The Montana Hot Springs is a treat you won’t want to miss. You will find these mostly in the western portion of the state. The beauty is breathtaking and it is very relaxing to soak in the wonderful hot springs. This is where water is superheated underneath the earth’s surface and is forced to the top and is said to have beneficial mineral and is very therapeutic. You will find many resorts around these springs with the Chico Hot Springs being the most popular.

The Montana Rockies

The Montana Rockies are the thing that brings in people who have a love for the great outdoors. This is an outdoor recreational wonderland regardless of what season you chose to visit. There are several different mountain ranges that offer breathtaking views and trails to hike. You will be immersed in beauty. The people that visit these Rockies in the winter are left with awesome memories as they ski down virgin snow slopes.

The Museum of the Rockies

Montana is not just for summer vacations. If you’re into skating, snowboarding, skiing or any of the other sports that winter brings then you can find them all here. In northwest Montana likes the Big Sky Country which offers all kinds of excellent winter sports for its visitors. While you’re out exploring Big Sky Country on the side that Bozeman is on visit the Museum of the Rockies. This will give you a better understanding of the area’s distinct beauty and heritage. Visit the Living Farm History that focuses on the Victorian era. Here you will find Tinsley house that is a farm house dating back to 1889. July 4th is a big celebration for this museum and the Fall Festival that takes place in late August.

Paradise Valley Mountains and Yellowstone

Paradise Valley Mountain is the place to be in Montana if you enjoy stunning natural beauty. Here you will be privileged to just about any outdoor activity known to man. It holds one of the best fly fishing rivers in the world. The Yellowstone River runs through this valley and this area is very close to a worldwide known site which is Yellowstone National Park and it is a must on everyone’s itinerary that is visiting Montana. Yellowstone can be found in Montana in the Southwestern part of the state. You will be privy to exceptional beauty and is a fantastic place that holds many wonders for its visitors.

Regardless of your interest you will find it under the Blue Skies of Montana. It will give the whole family memories that will never be forgotten. You may love it so much that you may want to stay, where you can make memories every day. Montana offers the best of resorts, hotels, bed and breakfast, camping and lodges that you will find anywhere. Dining will be an out of this world experience so get up and get moving, Montana awaits your arrival, to share with you the beauty of her great outdoors.