A review the restaurants of Wild Horse Plains, Mont.

Although Wild Horse Plains is not a large town, it does have some restaurants that are worth a visit. Plains is also on the route from northern Idaho to Missoula, so these even present attractions to people who are simply travelling through. For residents, a great meal is only a short drive away, and some do offer delivery services, too.

The Circle

This restaurant is located at 103 N. Central in Plains, on the corner of N. Central and Railroad Avenue. The Circle isn’t a large restaurant, however it has great charm. It is a themed restaurant styled after the old 50s Coca-Cola ‘hamburger joint’ establishments.

Although the Circle doesn’t open until 10 am, there are several breakfasts offered on the menu. The selection of lunches is far greater, featuring many different hamburgers, as well as a number of Mexican dishes and quite a good selection of ice cream. Each day there is also a ‘soup of the day’, which is homemade and delicious. Additionally, there is a daily dinner special that is offered and which varies from day to day. Prices do tend to be a little high, but the portions are also large. People seldom leave hungry.

The Circle does offer a delivery service and they have a drive-through window if people would prefer to call in their orders and pick them up.

Stageline Pizza

For people who feel like having a nice pizza, Plains has you covered. Stageline Pizza offers a nice assortment of pizzas, which are assembled and cooked right there in the restaurant. Whether a person is more in the mood for pepperoni or a Hawaiian style pizza, this restaurant will make them for you. Orders can be called in and the pizza parlor does offer delivery services.

The interior of this place is quite nice, though the prices are moderate. There is plenty of seating space available, for those who want to honestly eat out there at the restaurant. The parlor also offers an assortment of soft drinks, beers and wines.

Stageline Pizza is located at 104 W. Railroad Ave.

High Plains Cafe Lounge and Casino

This is a restaurant that may not have a huge selection, but the food is tasty and the prices aren’t too bad. People can also try their luck at electronic casino games while they are waiting for their food. The restaurant isn’t large, but this gives it a unique and cozy atmosphere that many people enjoy. People can purchase beer, wine and harder adult beverages in this establishment.

High Plains Cafe Lounge and Casino is located at 102 E. Railroad Ave.


New residents are sometimes surprised to find that Plains has a Subway restaurant, but it does. Located at 7671 Highway 200, the restaurant is to the southeast, just out of town. There is plenty of seating space inside and they offer the sandwiches for which the chain is known. This is a great place to order a meal, and a person can watch the employees make the sandwiches to order.

Though the restaurant is located about a hundred yards off the main highway, the parking lot is large and the place is quite visible from the road.

Dog Hill Bistro

This small restaurant is found at 116 E. Railroad Ave. It features American cuisine and the selection is varied. The food is made fresh and this is a favorite of many of the residents, especially for a pleasant lunch. The atmosphere is quite relaxed and pleasant. Daily specials are also offered. The bistro is also located very near McGowan’s Grocery, which makes it a convenient place to grab something to eat before or after shopping for food.

Heather’s Country Kitchen

Heather’s is locally owned and the restaurant offers a variety of lunches and dinners, as well as a few breakfast items. Like the other restaurants in town, the Country Kitchen isn’t a large restaurant. However there is usually plenty of space available for the diners. The prices do tend to be a little high, but the food is good.

Heather’s Country Kitchen is located at 335 Railroad Avenue.

Quinn’s Hot Springs Resort

The restaurant at Quinn’s offers some really good dinner choices that include seafood, steaks, trout and wild meats. This place is a little off the beaten track, but it is surrounded by beautiful forests. Many local residents feel that the restaurant is very much worth the short trip out of Plains. While there, people can also take advantage of the hot springs mentioned in the name. 

Quinn’s Hot Springs Resort is located off of Highway 135, between Plains and St. Regis.

Even though Plains isn’t a very large town, it does have several good restaurants to choose from. The resident or visitor can pick and choose where they want to eat and what kind of food they are in the mood for, when they don’t feel like preparing a meal.