A Great Neighborhood in Missoula Montana

If you are moving to Missoula, Montana, and you are just a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll, Grant Creek may be just the neighborhood you are looking for. It has both city and country residents. It would have to be considered rural in nature.

The boundaries are located west along Broadway (Hwy. 10) to include the Canyon Creek area along the Expressway, and north from West Broadway (Hwy. 10) up the Grant Creek Drainage.

Some of the unique things about the neighborhood are that it encompasses a large working cattle ranch; it is bordered on the north by national forest lands and by Rattlesnake Wilderness; it houses the National Wildlife Federation Reserve. The headquarters of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation also call Grant Creek Neighborhood home.

While it is only 15 minutes from downtown Missoula there is plenty of country living. The opportunity to have deer munching on your trees, turkeys strutting through your yard, and an occasional bear sighting are all possibilities.

The main road through the  upper neighborhood also goes to the area´s only skiing  “Snow Bowl Ski Area”.

There is one elementary school in the neighborhood, DeSmet Elementary.

The population density is 358 people per square mile. The median household income range is $52,846.  The average house (detached) is $435,447.

It is often interesting to check out the bylaws of a neighborhood. It gives you a peak inside the inner workings. Grant Creek neighborhood is set up with a Leadership Team. The duties of the Leadership Team are:
1. Set up, host and preside at Neighborhood Council meetings
2. Set up meeting agendas and file them with the Missoula City Clerk
3. Take attendance at the Neighborhood Council meetings
4. Record meetings and file these minutes with the Missoula City Clerk
5. Report to the Community Forum
6. Report to the City Council
7. Submit Minority Reports
8. Account for and report expenses and income relating to city funds in accordance with City
fiscal policy
9. Set up and maintain a communication system
10. Edit, publish and distribute a newsletter
11. Coordinate volunteers
12. Select members of the Nominating Committee

The Grant Creek Neighborhood is required to host at least one general meeting a year. Apparently there have been some lively debates because the bylaws were amended to allow the 3 minute debate rule. The meetings are all open to the public. If council members missed the prior meeting they are not allowed to vote.

Grant Neighborhood is aggressively seeking grants to improve the community.

The community, as a whole, is seeking to preserve a little bit of country living in its Grant Creek Neighborhood.