The River Market Farmers Market in Kansas City Mo

The large open air farmer’s market in Kansas City occupies the area where Kansas City was first founded. Stretching north of the downtown Interstate 70 loop to the Missouri River and bordered by the Broadway Bridge on the west and the Heart of America Bridge on the east, the area used to be the public square in the mid 1800’s. You’ll still find a lot of the public there every Wednesday and weekend, rain or shine, shopping for fresh produce and items from over 150 vendors.

The Farmer’s Market is just part of the Kansas City River Market Neighborhood which houses restaurants, bars, shops, cafes, ethnic markets, and warehouse residential lofts. The River Marker has always been a place for people to meet and shop, and nevermore so than today. Here’s just a little of what you’ll find.

Right now, the battle is on as to who has the biggest and brightest tomatoes and berries and freshest corn, but there are produce treasures every week of the year. You’ll find vendors in the inner market and also some around the edges. If you want fresh to you local produce, inquire as to where the items were grown and when they were delivered as there are some from large wholesalers. You’ll find everything from live chickens to specialty T-shirts, fresh baked items, and crafts of all kind. There are also 37 permanent indoor specialty shops, international groceries, and restaurants.

If you’re searching for that special ingredient, try one of the ethnic markets. At Hung Vuong, you can buy the special spices that turn Vietnamese cooking into a savory feast. And if you’re unfamiliar with the recipes, the store owners will be happy to guide you with selecting those easiest to make. If you’d like to sample it ready-made first, try the Hien Vuong Restaurant next door to see what you like best. Al Habashi Middle Eastern Groceries and Carollo’s Italian Grocery are great places to pick up ingredients or items for a picnic. For sit down dining, try Minsky’s Pizza, Succotash, or Winslow’s Barbeque.

Have a freshly-brewed beer and great food at The River Market Brewing Company, or for something sweet, try the best cupcakes in town at Baby Cakes. After picking up your produce in the day, come back in the evening for Taco Night at Dos Hombres where you can eat your fill for $5.49. The dining possibilities abound at the Farmers’ River Market: from sampling freshly-bought fruit to full-on dining, the eating is always delicious.

If seeing all the freshly-grown bounty of the earth brings out your gardening instincts, be sure to stop in at The Planters Seed and Spice Company where you’ll find everything from old fashioned seed drawers to the freshest spices, teas, and coffees. This is a great place to buy a gift basket for any occasion. No one should visit the Farmers’ River Market without also browsing through the Antique Mall nearby. The Arabia Steamboat Museum is a must see also with its thousands of artifacts from a steamboat that sunk in 1856 and recovered in 1987.

If you’d like to be a seller as well as a buyer, every Sunday from 9-2 is the market yard sale in which residents bring things for a giant flea market.

In Kansas City, shopping at The River Market Farmers’ Market is an experience that satisfies all the senses. From buying fresh blueberries to make a pie to picking up a rainbow of glistening vegetables, the experience is good for your physical and emotional health. Add in a delightful meal shared with your shopping companions and you’ve planned a perfect day.