St Louis Center of Creative Arts

Looking for a great intellectual art center in St. Louis? The Center of Creative Arts is a fun place to stop by and take in the sites and all the different sides of culture that this city has to offer. Not only is this center a main stage for many performances and events, it is also upholds some educational programs and exhibitions. There is a reason why COCA is called the best arts institution in St. Louis and going there just proves it.

Many of the performances are of utmost quality and production values, such as the holiday tradition viewing of The Little Dancer in two segments, The Little Dancer Tea and The Little Dancer – Travel Through Time. This story involves a statuette of a dancer coming to life and dances through many lapses in time going through all different eras and cultures along the way.

This show itself can be one of your main reasons for coming to visit this center, especially because of its elaborate and beautiful costumes and the setting is very interesting and unique for a dancing ballet extravaganza. The colorful back drops coinciding with the wonderful sounds of an orchestra can take anyone’s breath away, young and old. Of course after seeing this show you should definitely catch some of the exhibitions being held.

Many of these are hands on and can teach others about the art at the gallery and the meaning behind it. Lectures and demonstrations are pretty hands on and let the viewers get an actual feel of what interests them. A great previous show was that of Belinda Lee, an artist whose portraits reflect different time settings and how it has impacted us as people and a culture, it is a brilliant gallery to witness.

Other previous exhibitions included Arny Nadler, Peter Shank, and Grant W. Miller all interesting and compelling modern artists. It doesn’t stop here for COCA, their education programs are excellent as well. Classes include courses and workshops in dance, health and fitness exercise routines, theatre and speech, and of course artistry and visual arts. Summer camps are also available at the facility and include classes which are not available any other time of the year such as circus act courses and even culinary art school.

The classes are a great learning experience and the faculty is not only friendly but very helpful with the goals you wish to endeavor. If you’re really out there searching for some professional expertise in the field of arts, COCA is worth a definite visit. If you don’t have enough time to visit the many areas around the center, make the Family Theatre and one of its many dancing shows worth your time, it is a great experience that you will make the most out of. And if you find yourself not the most artsy person around, it’ll make the experience even better because you are setting your eyes on a whole new world through one of the best of the best that St. Louis has to offer creatively.