Save Money Living in the St Louis Area

Saint Louis, Missouri is an amazing place to live. Just about every sport played is played there. Almost any form of entertainment you could hope to enjoy can be found within this fair city. But Saint Louis isn’t just a pretty city, it is a city full of money-saving ideas!

When it comes to entertainment, Saint Louis just can’t be beat. Something is always going on and radio stations are often running contests and drawings to allow you to go for free! Concerts, plays, and ball games are yours for the winning. But if you are not the lucky sort of soul, don’t dismay. There is something for you too! Check out the newspaper for events that are happening around the city. There are festivals, free plays at the Muni and activities all around that don’t cost you anything just to be there. While it costs you to go up into the Arch, there is a free museum in the basement and the view of the Arch, itself, is worth a trip downtown.

Another way to save money with entertainment is to go to the venues that do not charge. For example, the St. Louis zoo is free in most areas. The areas that charge, such as the Petting Zoo, are free during the first hour. The museums (Art and History) are free too, with the exception of special exhibitions. If you haven’t figured it out yet, the museums have a day that is free for those who live in St. Louis. The Science Center may charge for the Omnimax and special exhibits, but there is enough to do there to keep you busy all day that is free!

Check out the St. Louis Today website. This site, which updates regularly, can help you save money on dining by listing the local deals. It will also give you ideas on saving money in other areas. They even include the deal of the week. Another website, Oodle, lists money-saving ideas specifically for the St. Louis area.

To keep your cost of living down, consider living on the outskirts of the city or in St. Charles just across the river. Because you have a small commute, housing in the outer areas is less expensive.

Use public transportation. St. Louis has a great bus system that can get you around the city without trouble. There is also a light rail service. Plan your schedule right and you can either live without a car or cut way back on the expenses of owning one. Students can save even more with special commuter passes.

St. Louis has a great way to help you save on the cost of furnishing your home or putting clothes on your back. Check out the various thrift stores in the area. The NCWJ thrift shop is a must see and you won’t find lower prices than those at the Adventist Thrift Shop (ACS.) There is also Sutter Thrift Shop and Value Village Thrift Store. So many stores, so many bargains. Many are private, smaller shops but the standard Goodwill and Salvation Army are there too. The stores are second-hand, but sometimes the items are new.

No “how to save money in…” article would be complete without the inclusion of the public library. St. Louis has a wonderful public library system. Use it to save money on reading materials, movies and more. Check out special programs that are offered for both children and adults. Libraries are under-rated yet very capable of saving you money every month.

If you are planning a move to St. Louis, prepare for adventure at a cost you can afford. This city has much more than meets the eye. Dig a little deeper and you’ll be having so much fun you’ll forget how little it is costing you!