Indoor Activities in St Louis

There are many options for inside entertainment in St. Louis that are fun and educational. One of the more popular areas for this is the historical Forest Park. The Science Center has open exhibits inside their facility. In addition to that they have an activity center named The Discovery Room where an activity director helps the children to navigate through the different science questions and exercises that are available.

There is a planetarium where you can look at all the parts of the solar system. The Omnimax Theatre shows a different film every month or two where you actually feel that you are a part of the experience. The films cover subjects such as the operation of the human body, the life and habitats of different animal species, the elements of nature which include the weather system, and how the earth is affected by mankind’s actions. Further information can be found at

Another interesting place to go is the Art Museum. There are three floors of beautiful paintings, sculptures, and other forms of art to see. They also have special exhibits throughout the year. One of the most fascinating exhibits is their collection of ancient artifacts and works of art on the bottom floor. When you come up the flight of steps at the front of the building there are two sculptures to greet you and make you look forward to seeing what is inside. Further information can be found at

Taking a tour of the Anheuser Busch brewery is also an interesting process. You find out how they make their beverages from the very first step to the last. The bottling area is an action packed and large operation area. You learn alot about the family who started the business and ran it for over 150 years before it was sold to In-Bev in the year 2008.

You learn the shrewd decisions they made to stay in business including the period of time when alcoholic beverages were abolished in 1920. They still have a couple of stables at the brewery where they kept the famous Clydesdale horses.

You are also shown a film on their beer process and history of their manufacturing procedures that they have not changed to this day. When you are done with the tour their are snacks and drinks including sodas for those who are under age to enjoy. There is a nice gift shop where you can get a neat souvenir of your trip. Visit them at