Forest Park St Louis Mo

Forest Park  is one of the largest urban parks in the world. It is 500 acres larger than Central Park in New York City, just to put it in perspective. It was created in 1874 and at the dedication ceremony, Chauncey Shultz described it this way “I present to you, the people of St Louis, this large and beautiful “Forest Park” for the enjoyment of yourselves, your children and your children’s children forever…the rich, the poor, the merchant and mechanic, the professional and the day laborer, each with his family and lunch basket, can come and enjoy his own, all without stint to hindrance and there will be no notice “Keep off the Grass”. I am delighted to say that his vision is very much alive today.

Forest Park has been the site of some wonderful history. In 1904, the St Louis World’s Fair took place on the grounds of the park. This was one of the most amazing events in the history of St Louis with over twenty million people coming to see all the exhibits. This was the largest World’s Fair ever and it changed the park into a magical world of entertainment and exhibition. When it was all over, the park was returned to its original park like setting,

Around the same time, it was decided that St Louis could use a municipal golf course and it was also constructed in Forest Park. It is still around today, having been upgraded and updated many times over the years. The great pleasure it brings to St Louis residents has never diminished.

Forest Park is surrounded by museums among them are the St Louis Museum of Art, the Missouri Museum of History and  the St. Louis Science Center. The St Louis Zoo is also located in Forest Park. This park really does have something for everyone.

The park is open to all people, there were several large family groups with their tables, chairs, volleyball nets and grills enjoying the grass and shade within the park when we were there. There were also many joggers, skaters and walkers even though it was in the high 90’s.There were paddle boats for rent in one of the ponds and some of the most beautiful fountains I have ever seen. This is what a park should be, free, open and accessible to everyone. It is also very confusing to drive through which is how we got to see so much of it while traveling between museums. Thank you to the skater who gave us directions.