Best Places to Eat in Stlouismo

No matter what you have in mind to eat, St.Louis offers a fantastic selection of choices. There are plenty of great places you will want to stop by and eat at least once.Here are the best places in St.Louis, Missouri to eat!

*Cafe de France
410 Olive St..

In the heart of downtown, Cafe de France is an upscale French restaurant offering some of the best food in the entire city. Two dining rooms present Parisian style decor and charm to an already fine establishment with an intimate setting. Open for dinner Monday through Saturday, lunch is available by appointment! Cafe de France is the perfect restaurant for great French food.

*The Concord Grill
11427 Concord Village Ave.

Thursdays feature live music at The Concord Grill, where you can treat yourself to delicious all-American favorites such as burgers, steak, and chicken. The menu also features a selection of hot sandwiches, and the homemade chili is some of St.Louis’s best! The burgers are the hot item here, however, with half-pound delicious and juicy burgers. Lunches are homemade, meat-and-vegetable style.

*Pho Grand Restaurant
3195 S.Grand Blvd.

Cheap Vietnamese style dishes are served at Pho Grand. The noodles are the specialty offering here, with a selection of many types of noodles. Service is always fast and friendly, and the food is always hot and delicious. During warm weather enjoy your food on the outdoor patio.

*Zia’s on the Hill
5256 Wilson Ave.

Classic, family-style dining in the downtown area of St.Louis, Zia’s offers authentic, creative Italian dishes guaranteed to lite the taste-buds. Entrees are served in large portions. A take-home bag will be in order for your meal! There is a dessert of the day that is always a hit. Entrees include terrific Veal, pastas, and tortellini. The price of the magnificent entrees are far less than what one would expect to pay for similar-quality food.

*Hodak’s Restaurant
2100 Gravis Ave.

Hodak’s has been a tradition in St.Louis since 1962, serving Southern-style fried chicken, fried fish, ribs, oysters,and a menu-full of other homemade, Southern favorites, with equally delicious side choices such as coleslaw,potato salad, and fries.Each day offers a meal of the day for a even lower than usual price. You are always treated like family at Hodak’s, and the restaurant offers a family environment full of friendly and helpful employees.