Free Kids Activities in Jackson MS to do in the Summer

Oh the joy of trekking around with the kids in the height of summer, searching for fun things to do that will not leave you completely destitute. Smart parents know how to seek out the best places that are free for the kids to enjoy. So what exactly is out there in Jackson, MS that will keep your young ones entertained and amused during the long summer school break?

The obvious place to start is in the natural outdoor spots such as Le Fleur’s Bluff State Park, a spacious area that will cater for all kinds of activity from hiking, biking, camping and picnics. This is a massive outdoor park that will keep the kids happy and tire them out to give you a peaceful evening. You might even think about setting up to stay overnight on a camping adventure. If the kids are into fishing or swimming, there is plenty of opportunity here to give them a full day in the open air. Most kids will prefer the option of playing somewhere as opposed to walking around museums and the like. There is no better place than a good state park to give the family memories of fun times. And of course, it’s all free!

Then again, you might want to seek out some indoor stuff to do and this may well include touring museums. The Manship House Museum is not the best of it’s kind but it will serve to give you and your kids a glimpse into the past, the opportunity to see how people lived in the days before television, air-conditioning and shopping malls. Taking a look back into local history is a stark reminder of the progress we have made while at the same time to yearn for days gone by. What better way to teach your children some history than to let them see it for themselves first hand. Museums can be entertaining or boring for the kids depending on the nature of the place and the effort you put in to keep them interested.

Jackson, MS is never going to be a New York or Orlando but if that is where you happen to be, there is always something available to keep the kids amused during the summer months. The climate in the area is conducive to enjoying the outdoor life and much of the activity is free. Another option is to seek out public information in the area to determine what special events during the summer offer free admission for the children. This is a method most cities use to attract visitors to their local amusements, offer free admission for kids when adults pay an entry fee. Taking advantage of coupons you will find around the city at restaurants will allow you to take advantage of the free offers open to children who accompany parents. Some activities and attractions are certainly free for all, while others are free only to the kids when their parents pay admission.

Much will depend on your family and their individual interests as to the things you choose to do. If they are happy to have enjoy the type of outdoor adventure offered by the State Park, you can bank on a cost-effective summer where you will only have to pay for gas and food. If on the other hand they want to enjoy some of the attractions within the city, you may have to accept that you will have to pay as a parent in order to get the kids in for free. Simply look ahead, plan ahead and enjoy the summer in Jackson while it lasts.