What Makes Minneapolis Mn a Great Place to Live

Minneapolis, Minnesota is often cited as one of the top cities in the US to live. So, what makes our city so great? There are many reasons:

*Parks: Minneapolis has an amazing number of parks. Much of this is due to an expansion in the early 1900’s. At the time, Theodore Wirth was Superintendent of the Park Board. He had a goal to place a park within a half-mile of every home. Some of these are small neighborhood parks just large enough for a playground. Others line the Mississippi River and the many lakes within the city. Under Wirth’s supervision, the amount of parkland in the city increased to cover approximately 14% of the city.

*Entertainment: There’s a wide variety of entertainment in Minneapolis. Clubs for almost every interest exist; bicycling, books, crafting, even backgammon. Minneapolis is also home to most of Minnesota’s national sports teams; the Vikings, Twins, and Timberwolves all make their homes here. Shopping is also excellent. Besides the Mall of America in nearby Bloomington, there are many large malls in the suburbs. Downtown and Uptown within the city itself have a wide variety of national chain stores and small local boutiques.

*Nightlife: Minneapolis is filled with a wide variety of restaurants. Some are upscale, others offer casual dining for families, and nearly every fast food chain has a location or five within the city limits. Live theater is also very popular. The Guthrie and many smaller companies perform plays regularly. Minneapolis’s Warehouse District in downtown has a number of nightclubs and bars.

*Affordable: Minneapolis is a much cheaper place to live than larger cities like Los Angeles or New York City. Rents and real estate prices are slightly lower than for most cities its size. And it consistently has a lower unemployment rate than other cities in the US.

*Education: Minnesota students often rank higher than average in reading and math tests. There are a wide variety of private, parochial, and public schools to choose from. High-school and grade-school students can also participate in open enrollment where they apply to attend a school outside of their own district. You may want to send your children to a suburban school however. Graduation rates for public high schools in the city itself are low and hover between 40-55%. 

If you or your children are past their teen years, a wide variety of colleges exist including the University of Minnesota, Augsburg College, and smaller community and technical colleges.

*The weather: Minneapolis can be harsh in the winter. Temperatures are almost always below freezing from December to the beginning of March and occasionally dip below zero. But, what’s a negative to some is a positive to others. Many people like experiencing all four seasons and, if you love winter sports like hockey or ice-skating, you’ll have many more opportunities to play than in a more southerly city.

If you can deal with the often extreme temperatures, Minneapolis-St. Paul is a great place to work, play, shop, and relax.