The Top Places to go for a Jog in Minneapolis Mn

Minneapolis is a great place for runners and for running. With so many lakes and trails in the city there are a lot wonderful places to go jogging.

One of the most popular places to go running is the Chain of Lakes. These lakes include Lake Calhoun, Lake Harriet and Lake of the Isles and are located on the west side of the city. Running around Lake Calhoun is about 3.1 miles, which makes it a great place to train for a 5K. Many road races are run at Lake Calhoun and Lake Harriet.

Runners looking for a longer run can easily run around Lake Harriet, 3 miles, or Lake of the Isles, 2.6 miles, in addition to Lake Calhoun.

Lake Nokomis is a great place for runners who are looking to avoid the crowds at the Chain of Lakes. Located in South Minneapolis the trail around Lake Nokomis is 2.9 miles. Nokomis is home to many races through the summer including the Lifetime Fitness Triathlon. Take a detour to Lake Hiawatha to catch one of the best views of downtown in the city.

For scenic views and some hill training runners can try the Mississippi River trail. The trail runs along the River Road and has great views of the Mississippi River. The colors in the fall are amazing. This trail runs from downtown to Minnehaha Falls. Runners can also cross take the any number of bridges across the river to run on the St. Paul side of the river as well.

Runners looking for a flat and fast run can find this on the Midtown Greenway. The Midtown Greenway is a path that runs from the lakes to the river. The Greenway was built where railroad tracks used to run so the terrain is flat. This is a great trail for runners who like the feel of an urban setting.

The Greenway is a great place to practice sprints using the overpass bridges. To do this start at one of the overpass bridges and run as fast as you can until the next bridge then run a regular pace to the next bridge. Repeat this four to six times.

Another place that is popular for running is the trail along Minnehaha Parkway. The trail goes along the creek and connects Lake Harriet with Lake Nokomis and leads to Minnehaha Falls. This is a great trail for runners who like to be surrounded by trees and who want to feel connected with nature on a run.

The paths around the lakes, parkway and river are all part of a system called The Grand Rounds.

Social runners will find a variety of running clubs in Minneapolis. Many of the health clubs in the area have group runs that utilize the Lakes or the Greenway trail. The Running Room in Minneapolis also has group runs from the store that use the Lakes.

Runners who want to do some good while they run can join Bolder Options and become a running mentor for an at risk youth.

Minneapolis is also home to many running events including the Twin Cities Marathon, the Get in Gear races and The Heart of Summer races. Many of these races draw elite runners.

With so many options that only thing left to do is lace up the running shoes and go for a run.