A Guide to the Minneapolis Skyway

Adverse weather conditions shouldn’t pose a problem with use of the  Minneapolis skyway.This skyway links over sixty nine blocks in downtown Minneapolis. What exactly is a skyway? Minneapolis and St. Paul both have enclosed tunnels made of glass, that are located above ground for pedestrians easy access to other buildings across the city. The first skyway in Minneapolis was built in 1962.

How does a person get into the skyway in Minneapolis?Access is fairly easy in the buildings, since the way to the skyway is usually marked on the second floors. Some buildings have Skyway Connection noted on the doors to let you know there is access to the tunnels in their building.

How can a person navigate through the Minneapolis skyway?

Maps are the best way to help a person navigate through the skyway, and maps of the Minneapolis Skyway system are readily available. If you are new to the Minneapolis skyway system, a person can get distracted and confused with all the different downtown locations. The Downtown Guide is a free magazine, which also has the skyway map printed on the back of the magazine, and can be found in magazine racks in the skyway areas.

The skyways remain open from early morning until late during the week, depending on the buildings they each link to, although Sundays close earlier.

Here is a guide to the several downtown attractions and businesses that currently are connected, via the skyway, in Minneapolis.

   • First of all, if you are a visitor to this city, many hotels are connected to other locations via the skyway. For example, the Hyatt Regency, the Westin, Graves 601, and the Westin, are a few of the well known hotel chains.

   • Macy’s, a well known department store, uses the skyway on Nicollet Avenue, for easy and convenient access for its many patrons.

   • The Orpheum theatre and Historic State welcome the skyway to attract its numerous visitors to a Broadway show or other current productions.

   • Another favorite downtown business that’s utilizing the convenience of the skyway is the Gaviidae Common Shopping Center, which is home to the upscale stores of Neiman Marcus, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

   • The Minneapolis Convention Center makes yearly public events more accessible by use of the skyway.

   • Another favorite location that makes use of the skyway is the Target Center, where residents and visitors can see concerts, and family shows, as well as, the Minnesota Lynx, or Timberwolves, in action.

   • If you’re interested in a tasty lunch, or relaxing drink, the Minneapolis skyway can connect you to various restaurants and bars, such as the  Mission, or a newer restaurant called the Max.

   • More entertainment spots await you via the skyway, when you visit Block E, which houses GameWorks, and other entertainment facilities in their complex.

Finally, the Minneapolis skyway provides the public with a great way to access the downtown areas, without the worry of the weather and its unpredictable elements.