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There are three things that people in Detroit love to do, and the more people involved the merrier. The first is sports, the second is family time, and the third is “going Up North.” Combine that with a Holiday, and you’ve got fireworks.

Sports can be added to any Holiday celebration for zero to hundred dollars. Grab a pole and go on down to one of the many rivers and lakes that are in Southeastern Michigan. Don’t like to fish? Then join some of the dozens of people who take to the lakes on motor boat. In the winter, sit along the riverfront and admire the icy shores and chunks of ice floating by. It will be a thrill and make you appreciate coming indoors for some hot chocolate or Vernor’s Ginger Ale.

Detroit also has some of the best sports teams in the U.S. Either get some tickets to a local game during the Holidays or gather your friends around the big TV at home, and cheer on the team together. Of course, great snack food is essential and some brews.

Whether you are a blue-collar auto worker family, or an immigrant family in one of Detroit’s many ethnic neighborhoods, you will have a long history of loving and respecting your big family. It would be hard to find a person who would even think of spending a Holiday alone in Detroit. A big percentage of Detroit family members are located within a short driving distance of each other. Pot luck dinners are the thing. Just eating that familiar fried chicken that has been handed down through the generations will heal a lot of toes that have been stepped on during the year. Each family has their traditional meal for each Holiday, like the Thanksgiving turkey or the Christmas ham…or the Chinese food take out.

For a special Holiday treat, everyone can pile into the car and drive Up North. Go for the day or spend the Holiday weekend. If you don’t own a cabin, there’s probably someone in your family, on your block or at work that has one. Enjoy one of the beaches along the Great Lakes, check out the water falls in the Upper Peninsula, or go hunting or canoeing along the rivers on Michigan’s west coast. The lush maples and pines, deep blue skies, and cold waters are always beckoning the city folks to come on out.  Then come home and have the ever popular barbecue in the back yard and reminisce about all the adventures you’ve experienced.

For those who want to find fun on their own, the many downtown cultural facilities offer Holiday musical fare, like Nutcracker Suite, and plays like Peter Rabbit Tales. Or, attend the 4th of July International Freedom Festival on the Riverfront. Restaurants offer gourmet versions of the traditional Thanksgiving turkey. And, the movie theaters always have blockbusters during the Holidays.

Check out other outdoor activities fit for Holiday gatherings:  the booths and entertainment at the  Riverfront Festivals, ice skating in Campus Martius,  or picnic on Belle Isle.