Touring Detroit

As the oldest city in the Midwest, Detroit has a lot of history to offer but there is more then enough of today’s action to keep a tourist busy. No matter what your taste, you will have your choice of enjoyable activities.

Are you looking for good food? Greek Town is a great place to find a great meal, do some shopping and if you are feeling lucky, try your hand at the Casino. The area has an old world feel with modern fun. Be aware that not every place is grand but there is enough greatness to warrant the trip. Trappers Alley is fun. The bakeries will tickle your taste buds. In addition, the Casino is a wonderful place to spend a few hours.

The People Mover can get you around well enough to see many of the wonderful Downtown sites. Hart Plaza lays claim to many festivals over the summer months. There is something for most every musical taste. Country fans have the Hoe Down. There is a Techno Fest, a Jazz Fest, and many others.

Near Hart Plaza is Cobo Hall that has several events including the International Car Show. The Mariner’s church is right there, too. Did you ever hear Gordon Lightfoot’s song about the Edmond Fitzgerald? That is Detroit’s Mariner’s church.

The Fox theatre is always a wonderful sight. The newly renovated interior will astound you. If you can catch a show there, it is well worth the price of the ticket. Not to far from the theater is the new Ford Field, home to Lions, and Tigers, and Monster Trucks.

Is it a Museum you are looking for? There are plenty of great ones of those. The DIA is an art museum that can take you away all day. Classic works of art mixed with wonders that are more modern are to be had for a very reasonable fee. For more art as well as a science museum, you could check out the Cranbrook complex in the suburb of Birmingham.

The bit of family fun can be had at the Children’s Museum. Its hands on and interactive. Two other family sites would be the Detroit Science center and the Detroit Historical Museum. All three will keep a child busy while they learn in a very enjoyable way.

For those of you that enjoy Jazz or the music of the Motown, there are even museums for you. The Motown Museum offers a look at the greats that have their roots there. The Supremes, Stevie Wonder, The Temptations, and the Jackson 5 are just a taste of the folks with ties to Motown.

The Jazz Museum is also known as the Greystone International Hall of Fame because the Greystone Ballroom was once among the most popular entertainment joints in the area. It was also one of the few venues that provided the opportunity for people of all races to enjoy music together. This was back in a time of racial segregation and discrimination.

There are many other wonderful places to visit such as Belle Isle, the historic churches, and the Renascence building, which offers a truly wonderful view. Give Detroit a chance no matter what the economic stories tell you and you won’t be sorry.