There are some Real Gems

When you think of Detroit, you don’t automatically think of great theatre. There is a lot more to the “Motor City” than just automobile manufacturing, it has some great entertainment venues and here are just a few of what Detroit has to offer.

Fox Theater

The Fox Theater is called Detroit’s Crown Jewel and it certainly is a magnificent structure. This theatre is C. Howard Crane at his finest with all the opulence that the post World War I era fostered. Glittering chandeliers, shining gold and velvet curtains are dazzling. In two years the stock market crash would change movie architecture forever but in 1927 it was a show stopper done in the Hindi-Bzyantine style. Today this gloriously restored 800 seat theater has seen some of the worlds greats perform here for more than 75 years. It has been designated a National Historic Landmark. It also is the biggest continually operating theater in the US, not bad for a Detroit theater.

Detroit Opera House

There have been several buildings before the current one that bore the name Detroit Opera House. Tthis building began it’s life in 1922 as the Capitol Theater. With seating for over 4,000 it claimed at the time to be the 5th largest theatre in the world. It was designed by Detroit architect C. Howard Crane who was on e of the premier theatre designers of the post WOrld War I period. It is a gorgeous building that was created to rival the opera houses of Europe even though it was built to support motion pictures and vaudeville acts, not opera. Today you can see the Michigan Opera perform here or bring the family for their Children’s Discovery Series. If you would rather just tour this historic beauty that is also available.

Fisher Theater

The Fisher Theater is another of the movie theatres from the 1920’s that has found a second life as a live theater venue. Broadway in Detroit is their most popular offering and this year features such great shows as Sweeney Todd, Grease, Annie and Jersey Boys.

Gem Theatre

This theater has the perfect name, it is indeed a gem in the middle of downtown Detroit. It is a historic building with great design and lots of ambiance. It was moved from it’s previous location to it’s current location in 1997 and was the heaviest building ever moved. It is within walking distance from just about everything and certainly if you are staying in downtown you can probably walk here for a show. One nice option is that they have an attached parking facility and the charge is only $10. The current showing is a comedy and will run through May. This is a small but wonderful little theater that’s has a history of having fantastic productions.

Majestic Theater

The Majestic Theater is a youngster compared with the others. It has been hosting live musical entertainment for 20 years. It isn’t just rock music either, it can be jazz, reggae or the blues. Before, after or even without a performance you can eat at one of Detroit’s most popular restaurant the Majestic Cafe. Does it get any better than that?

These are just a few of the theaters that Detroit has to offer. No matter what type of entertainment you are looking for Detroit has a venue to fit your interests. What are you waiting for?