The Biggest Thing to Hit this Neighborhood

The Briggs neighborhood in Detroit, Michigan is cradled between the I-75 and the I-96 with Martin Luther King Boulevard to the north and John C. Lodge Freeway on the east. Briggs is one of the neighborhoods that were predominantly white in a city where the majority of neighborhoods are predominantly African American. It has been particularly hard hit by people leaving the city and especially in the western parts of the neighborhood, the area is largely deserted. Houses are few and far between with large open areas of prairie in between. It is hard to imagine that this rural feeling neighborhood is only about a mile from downtown Detroit. It isn’t all gloom and doom however, there are some homes being constructed and the Motor City Casino which is within sight of the western area has breathed some new life into the economy.

In the eastern part of the neighborhood there is much more life to the neighborhood and new homes are being constructed some by habitat for humanity to help people get a start. The economy in all of Detroit is pretty much down and home prices are depressed. Having faith in the area could get you into a home with a great yard for a price that may seem unbelievably low. Public transportation is available on some streets in the neighborhood. Getting around is easy with the two interstates that form parts of the border of the community.

Burton International School has absorbed other schools in the area.  It took over the Owen Academy among others. The school has less than 300 students in grades K-8. It is one of the better performing public schools with a 3/10 rating from GreatSchools based on the standardized test results for 2010/2011. It offers students in addition to their regular classes the option to participate in choir, accelerated math and reading programs, extracurricular programs, sports and an after school latchkey Program. The school consistently out performs other schools in the state and city.

The Motor City Casino is the biggest thing by far in this area. The Sound Board Theater has seating for over 2000 and offers a concert venue that has things going on several times a month. The casino has a hotel, restaurants, of course games of chance and shopping. It provides a lot of jobs for the residents of this area as well as lots of entertainment for those who can afford it.  

With the casino as part of this neighborhood, it might have more hope of recovering from the blight that has affected so much of Detroit. Briggs is a neighborhood that has survived for quite a long time and it seems as if it might just survive the current economy as well.