Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids, Michigan is a fantastic location for winter fun for the whole family. With the beautiful scenery and many surrounding waterways, there are tons of activities to partake in during the chilly months. Here is a guide outlining some of the great adventures you should check out on your visit.

When the weather is cold, a plethora of activities open up in Grand Rapids. One of the more popular things to do is to go cross-country skiing. There are tons of trails in western Michigan that are perfect for this sport. Try the Blandford Nature Center or Donald Lamoreaux Park, both located in Grand Rapids, which offer fantastic paths for cross-country skiing with lovely views.

If you are more into the adventure of downhill skiing or snowboarding, there are also many great places only a short drive away from Grand Rapids. The Cannonsburg Ski Area and the Pando Winter Sports Park are both located less than twenty miles outside the city and offer great slopes for Alpine skiing. In addition to these ski resorts, there are several dozen more that are within a reasonable driving distance to Grand Rapids.

Another popular activity in the winter is ice skating. There is a beautiful outdoor rink located right in the downtown of Grand Rapids, called the Rosa Parks Circle Ice Rink. There you can enjoy freeform skating during the public skating hours, partake in figure skating lessons, or join in on an ice hockey game.

Finally, snowmobiling is one of Michigan’s favorite winter pastimes, with the huge amount of snow that falls in the area every winter. There are miles of trails in the Grand Rapids area for snowmobiling that are well-groomed with beautiful forest surroundings.

If the cold weather is starting to get to you, there are also many activities that you and your family can enjoy indoors. Take your kids to the Public Museum of Grand Rapids where they can learn about the history of the western Michigan area. In addition to the historical exhibits at this museum, there is a fantastic planetarium where they can enjoy looking up at the stars and learning about constellations. There is also the nice Grand Rapid’s Children’s Museum located in Grand Rapids focused on fun and educational exhibits geared towards children.

As you can see, there are tons of fun activities to partake in during the winter in Grand Rapids. Enjoy your time in this beautiful winter paradise!