Dog Park Rules and Regulations in Grand Rapids Mi

Hillcrest Dog Park is located on the Northeast side of Grand Rapids at Lyon & Benjamin in Michigan. This specific public dog park is open 24 hours per day and is free. It is an off-leash dog park. Hillcrest is a shaded, large area. There is a specific section for small dogs and a larger section for bigger dogs.

Hillcrest Dog Park has specific rules for pet owners and their dogs to follow while at the park. The rules are posted on-site and are occasionally revised. Rules are enforced by those who utilize the facilities, dog park volunteers assigned to the parks, those recognized by badge; are dependent upon the circumstances for animal control or police officers that are in the park.

Hillcrest Dog Park has specific Off-leash Area Rules:

1. Owners are required to always clean up after their dog.

2. Dogs must be up-to-date on all vaccinations and wear proper tags including current identification information, license and rabies.

3. Dog owners must supervise their dog closely; never leave the dog unattended. Dogs must always be under their owner’s voice control.

4. Puppies that are younger than four months old are not allowed because of inoculation requirements.

5. Owners cannot bring more than two dogs to the dog park with them at any one time. 

6. All dogs must be spayed or neutered before coming to the park.

7. Dogs that become unruly or play too rough must be leashed and the owner must leave the park with their pet immediately.

8. If the dog digs a hole, the owner must fill it in before leaving the park for the safety of other guests and their pets.

9. Owners are not allowed to smoke or eat food in the off-leash area. 

10. Owners must remove pinch and spike collars before entering the park for safety purposes.

11. Children under the age of ten (10) are not allowed in the off-leash area.

12. Owners are liable for any damage or injury inflicted by their dogs to other people or canines.

Shaggy Pines has been named the third best dog park in the nation. It is located at 3895 Cherry Lane in Grand Rapids is 20 acres of completely fenced-in off-leash fun. This dog park contains a pond, walking trails and even a small dog area for dogs less than 30 pounds. The park is closed on Mondays, open Tuesday and Wednesday from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm; Thursday, 10:00 am until 8:00 pm; Friday from 12:30 am until 4:00 pm; Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm.

Shaggy Pines is a private park that is uniquely located in the heart of Cascade Township which serves the Metro Grand Rapids area. With its towering pines, rolling hills and wide-open greenery, this dog park was designed and described as a dog’s own ‘heaven-on-earth’.

Shaggy Pines contains a one-mile jogging and/or hiking trail; trails are lighted and in the winter are plowed for evening use. The park has two large ‘dry’ dog areas where a pet owner will not have to deal with mud. The ‘Doggy Mountain’ is a large dedicated sand pile for dogs to be able to climb and dig in. There is also a large human-made dog swimming pond and strategically located water stations.

The park also has self-serve dog wash tubs and drying areas for when the day is through. There is even a doggy gift shop so your pet can remember their time at Shaggy Pines.

Human companions will have plenty of benches and tables to lounge at after visiting the coffee bar. The ‘Sunset Deck’ overlooks the pond and has music and lounge chairs to relax in. Birthday parties, community events and even obedience and agility training classes can be scheduled in their special events area.

This park has many privileges but the park is not free. An initial visit for a human without a dog is, however, free so that they can check out the park to see if it is something that their pet would enjoy.

There is membership but if you choose to just go for a day or are traveling and want to do something that the dog would enjoy, the daily fee for one dog is $10, for an additional dog is $4 and for the human is $2 each. Each first-time visitor will have to pay a $10 processing fee in order to establish records for the pet and to keep on file for subsequent visits. Each visit afterwards will warrant the dog owner to sign a liability waiver.

If you enjoy Shaggy Pines and choose to join, there is a one-time initiation fee of $39 (no matter the number of dogs in your family). There is a variety of memberships to choose from:

The best value is Shaggy Pines Gold Membership. Fees are due at the time of registration and are $326 per year (which averages out to $27.17 per month). Each additional dog in the family will be $70 per dog. This membership allows you and your pooch(es) unlimited seven-day-a-week, 365-days-per-year access during times of operation (9:00 am until 7:00 pm). Silver Membership is a Saturday/Sunday only unlimited usage during times of operation. Again the fees are due at the time of registration. The annual dog fee is $256 (an average of $21.33 per month) and $43 for each additional dog. The Pay-As-You-Go Monthly Gold Membership again allows for full-usage as stated under the typical Gold Membership but each month your fee will be a standard $37 per dog and each additional dog is $8 per month. The fees will be automatically charged to your VISA or MasterCard. A 30-day advance notice of any changes or cancellations is required in order to not be charged. The Pay-As-You-Go Monthly Silver Membership allows for full-usage as stipulated for the standard Silver Membership but again is a monthly fee of $32 per dog and each additional dog is $6. Fees will be automatically charged and a 30-day change or cancellation is also required with this type of membership.

There are many privileges that come with park membership including:

Unlimited park usage during the 9 am until 7 pm hours of operation. Human guests are free with dog membership. Special discounts are granted for dog washes, specialty coffees for humans, obedience and agility training for dogs. Shaggy Pines admission to sponsored events and parties will include free food and dog treats. Members will receive electronic newsletters that include fun facts and information. Secure and easy access to Shaggy Pines to the off-leash park through the Park’s electronic entry gate.

Key cards will be issued each time members arrive during standard hours of operation 365-days per year. Additional cards can be obtained at a charge of $10 each. If cards are lost or stolen, a $10 replacement fee will be charged.

Of course, at a minimum, guests must clean up after their dog. Dogs are to be spayed/neutered and up-to-date on shots. Owners must also be able to provide proof of ID, vaccines and registration to supply for park records.

Grand Rapids dog parks are varied in that one is free and one is quite exclusive; offering members and visitors a wide array of activities. The exclusive park has a membership fee associated with it, but privileges galore. If you live in Grand Rapids or are just passing through, either dog park is worth its weight in gold if you want to spend some good quality time with your pooch.