Things to do in Spring in Boston

Boston is such a great city that is accessible by many different paths. Boston is in the Northeast so naturally there tends to be a lot more to do during the warmer months. No matter how exciting the city is, no one wants to trudge through a foot of snow to get to where they are heading. So before you visit this wonderful city make sure you check the weather channel or visit

There are so many things to do that get better with the warmer weather. As the snow melts and the birds migrate back take a few days and visit for a long weekend to enjoy some truly unique adventure. Here is a top five list in no particular order of things you and your family should do when in Boston:

1) Boston Museum of Science – This destination is a must if you have children. IMAX theater, 3-D theater, and an Omnivision theater plus three floors of exhibit halls. Almost all the presentations are hands on and your kids will love the musical stairs. The prices are relatively reasonable and there is so much stuff to do that you may want to make this adventure a two day stay.

2) Quincy Market – Stroll down to this wonderful spot and grab some lunch and enjoy the atmosphere. The crowds are always out for this public gathering venue. There is everything from great food vendors to magician’s shops. Make sure you grab some Boston peanuts while your there, fresh roasted!

3) Duck Tours – Trust me its cool. I was skeptical at first till you actually sit on a WWII amphibious craft. You spend about a half hour touring and then head over to the water and literally drive into the river. Pretty reasonable at something like $8 a person plus the kids will have a ball.

4) Paul Revere Trail – This is the ultimate way to enjoy the weather and catch up on some history. The path leads you the route that Paul Revere took 300+ years ago. Not for the faint of heart this trail goes about a mile through the city and has arrows and plaques that guide your way. And the best part is that it is FREE!

5) Visit Cheers – Everyone might not know your name but this place has good burgers and its great just to check it out. You’ve watched the show for years and now you get to have a pint and sit in the actual Cheers in Boston. You can grab a souvenir mug while your at it.

There are plenty of other things to do in Boston, these just happen to be some of my favorites. Grab some Boston Peanuts too while you are at it. Enjoy the city and visit during the week to avoid the crowd though you will still get some here and there. Have fun and travel safely.