Restaurant Reviews Ebenezers Tavern and Bar Sturbridge Mass

The Publick House is a historic inn located in Sturbridge Ma. It is a perfect place to go for a getaway or to attend one of their themed weekends. If you just happen to be in the area and want to experience some of the ambiance without actually staying here you can come in to Ebenezer’s Tavern and Bar for lunch, brunch, or dinner.

Parking is in the rear of the building and you enter in by walking by the bakery. If you decide that you do not want to have dessert with your meal, you can always stop by and take home something sweet.

The tavern is very atmospheric. There is a fire place and a large bar and the tables have the most comfortable wing back chairs. We stopped in on a Monday at about 3:30pm. It was not quite dinner time and a little late for lunch but we had no problem getting a table and getting great service.

The =menu has a lot to offer. As part of lunch you can choose a omelette which changes daily. There is also a soup of the day in addition to the usual onion soup and clam chowder.  On this day it was butternut squash bisque, which was delicious. It was not over spiced with nutmeg which can be a problem with butternut squash soup at some restaurants.

Since this is New England there is a nice variety of seafood choices. In the appetizers there are crab cakes, lobster ravioli and shrimp cocktail. You can also have lobster ravioli as your entrée. They have a nice selection of salads to which you can add shrimp, grilled crab cake or salmon.

There are also some very traditional tavern type food in the form of fish and chips and shepherds pie. There is also a homemade chicken  pot pie and a  pot roast dinner. We had come for the roasted turkey dinner. It is normally served with a combination of white and dark meat but if you want all of one type you can have it.

It is a really heaping plate of food with four large slices of turkey set on top of a pile of corn bread stuffing, mashed potatoes, butternut squash and cranberry sauce. There is also gravy on the plate and a gravy boat was also brought to the table. With your meal, you have the option of an additional $8 of having two of the following, a salad, a cup of soup or dessert. We didn’t take that option but it was tempting.

We had much more than we could eat especially after feasting on the bread basket which includes sticky bums, corn bread and rolls. It was way too much food, you could certainly easily share one meal.

We stopped at the bakery and brought home some goodies for later. Service was terrific and we thoroughly enjoyed our meal.