Newburyport Ma Bakeries

Newburyport is a small town located north of Boston on the Atlantic Ocean. It is a favorite tourist destination for its boardwalk along the Merrimack River and as a jump off point for whale watching tours. If you are family friendly and have a craving for a delicious cookie or pastries or a loaf of crusty bread for a picnic, you are in luck, Newburyport has an abundance of great bakeries to fill your needs.

Greta’s Great Grains

24 Pleasant Street

As the made indicates this bakery is the brainchild of Greta Reineke. The original intent was to bring to this little corner of Massachusetts the taste of Austrian pastry. As anyone who has ever visited Vienna can attest, there is nothing quite like it anywhere else. Today beyond just the regular pastries and breads the bakery has expanded to include wheat and gluten free items.

This is the place in Newburyport to come for a cup of coffee or tea and indulge your sweet tooth. What could be more luscious than an apple strudel, a linzer torte or that Viennese favorite the sacher torte? Eat in or take it home the choice is yours. Be sure to take home a loaf of peasant or honey oat bread or a bag of cookies, with choices as varied as butter pecan and honey nut raisin you will be sure to find just the perfect sweet to treat your family.


50 Water St

If you are looking for bread to bring tears of joy to your eyes or chocolate croissants to rival a Paris bistro, there is nowhere to go in Newburyport but Annarosa’s. This is a restaurant but a true bakery where you pick up a great foccacia or a loaf of crusty French bread to take home. The clientele is loyal and devoted and will happily tell you all the reasons that you shouldn’t ever consider getting a loaf anywhere else.

Everything is baked fresh daily on site and if you are a fan of coconut macaroon, the world is these are among the best on the planet. This is a very popular bakery so it is always best to call ahead to be sire when they are open and plan to arrive early in the day to have the best choice.


3 Liberty St

Pralines got its name from the delicious macadamia almond praline that you can purchase there and even better, if you become addicted they will ship it to you. Everything is made from scratch on site and if the praline isn’t your weakness perhaps the to die for peaches and cream muffins, lemon bars or cookies will satisfy your craving for luscious baked goods.

As if that wasn’t enough they have now expanded their operation to provide to take home meals that you can order in advance and then pick up. And if you are tempted to pick up dessert when you get there, who can blame you.

As you can see Newburyport has a lot to offer the casual visitor or the local resident and their bakeries are just the tip of the iceberg.