2 01 07 Reactions to the Ad Campaign that Triggered Bostons Bomb Scare

People who would cause one person let alone a whole City to be frightened with a bomb scare show that mentally they have not passed the age of two or three years old. If they had they would know better than to pull a stunt like that especially with so many terrorists in our world.

They show that they have no compassion or respect for the families who lost loved ones on 9/11 or lived through that horrible day. A day they will never forget.

By pulling stunts like this, they then cause delayed reactions when the real thing is happening because I am sure that all over the world there are thousands of calls each day threatening buildings, airplanes and other transportation systems. They will then be the first and loudest complainers about how the real situation was handled by the government.

Living in New York I would walk the streets of the World Trade Center area and could see numerous blockades being put up all over, I remember thinking to my self “we must be getting hundreds of threats every day, why else would these barricades be put up”. Perhaps they can tell me how our leaders will know which call is a real threat and which one is a false threat.

Then we have money being wasted since it is spent on false threats, which instead could be used for so many worthwhile causes.

Of course when something does go wrong it is these same people who will do the most complaining and knocking of our leaders and heroes because they didn’t take the right precautions to alleviate this from happening, or some equipment wasn’t working properly, or the Captain didn’t handle the situation soon enough, etc., etc. They are more than likely the ones who will lead the marches to the White House and spray paint it in the name of civil rights and freedom of speech and any other freedom they can come up with, because they are the only ones who have any freedom. They forget to realize and say that they have taken away our freedoms, especially our freedom from fear.

They only live for themselves and what they think is funny, regardless of anyone else’s rights and/or feelings. Their punishment should be to send them to one of the countries where people have no freedom or rights and do community service there as well as pay large fines to build housing and/or hospitals where they are so needed.

Maybe if they were living in a country where people have no rights they will finally appreciate the rights we have here in America.