Treat you Canine to a Day a Loch Raven

Loch Raven Reservoir is probably one of the best places to walk your dog in the Baltimore area. The fresh air and scenic vista are reasons to get out and enjoy nature with your best friend in tow. Make sure your dog is leashed because if it has any hunting instincts it will surely end up chasing the Canadian geese into the fresh water, in which case you could end up with a fine from one of the watershed patrol or a county police officer. The water is for drinking not swimming. Also, if a dog swims out too far in the spring or fall, by chance, he could drown from the cooler temperatures. The unsuspecting dog could get cramping in their muscles, just like a human. Best to play it safe and keep them close. Other people walking the trails may fear your dog as well, so it’s a good rule to keep them leashed.

The morning hours are particularly beautiful, as the day begins. Photographers shoot in the morning because the lighting is usually spectacular when the sun is rising. Movies have been filmed there because of the tranquility and natural beauty. Afternoons are a nice time for walking Fido as well, just be sure to pick up the the gifts he leaves behind, that could also get you a fine. Occasionally, people ride their horses along the paths, which are always fun to watch..especially for the dog. They may never have seen a dog that large before! I’ve seen young girls jumping their horses over the steams. One can only imagine what the fine might be for a slip up of that size.

Evenings are very special because the sun sets over the watershed and one gets the feeling of being at a resort somewhere in a far off land, yet you’re a hop, skip and a jump from downtown Towson. Your dog will come back to his home feeling refreshed and happy from going on an excursion to an enchanted land beyond the hustle and bustle of city life. It may help to give him relief from the stressed filled human world and fill his snout with wonderful aromas of the great outdoors, where he belongs, at least for a time. Treat your canine and yourself to the pleasure of Loch Raven Reservoir! Just make sure you leave it as beautiful as you found it. Your dog will exhibit a healthy glow for days after, and so will you. It is therapeutic for both human and dog alike to walk off lbs and stress to the rhythm of the soft breeze and blue sky. It doesn’t get any better than that for an inexpensive time with the one who loves you most in the world..your best four legged friend.