Tips for Finding an Apartment in Baltimore

Baltimore, the biggest city in Maryland, is full of rich history and downtown attractions. If you work in or around the city, living in Baltimore can greatly reduce your commute. Avoiding the beltway, I-95, and the surrounding highways will save you time every day (and probably reduce your stress level as well).

There is plenty to see and do in Baltimore, and if you live downtown, there are numerous places to visit within walking distance. If you’re looking for an apartment in Baltimore, here are some websites that will help you in your search:

* contains a huge list of vacancies, in both the city and the surrounding county. You can search by area (for example, Northeast Baltimore or Central Baltimore) and you can see a map of the different neighborhoods to help you decide where you want to look.

This website also lets you view floor plans, videos, and a list of amenities for different apartments, so you have all the information you need before making your decision. Visit their Moving Center for tips and ideas after you sign your lease, and check out the Baltimore Apartments Living Guide for local attractions and facts about Baltimore.

When you visit’s Baltimore page, you’ll see the number of available rentals at the top of the page. You can search for apartments by city or town (if you’re looking in Baltimore County as well), price, or number of bedrooms. You’ll be asked for your email address, and then you can choose which areas in the city you want to include. has a renters’ reward program. If you end up renting an apartment that you found on and that apartment had “$100 Reward Card” next to its listing, you can receive $100 from the website just for mentioning the reward card to the leasing manager and then notifying that you signed the lease. $100 can buy a lot of move-in supplies.

This is a local website designed to help people find apartments. The site has plenty of listings in Baltimore and other counties in Maryland. They also have a helpful Neighborhood Profiles section that provides detailed information about different communities in the city. If you’re not familiar with Baltimore, this guide can be very informative.

Between these three websites, you should easily be able to find an apartment that fits your specifications. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, try some of these other websites:,, or