Things to do in Baltimore MD during the Winter

Baltimore is a great city to visit during the winter as it has several interesting and fun attractions that are indoors so you can visit them on even the coldest days. 

National Aquarium in Baltimore

The National Aquarium is a fantastic place to visit for adults and children alike.  It has several floors filled with many different tanks and beautiful fish.  They also have a very large sting ray tank that is quite impressive to see.  The top floor has a replica of an Amazon rainforest complete with aquariums, birds, and even a sloth.  While traveling down from the top floor, you will be surrounded by a coral reef exhibit which will then lead you to the shark tank. 

In addition, they have a relatively new Australia exhibit which has not only tanks with amazing fish and reptiles, but it also has birds and other animals that are free roaming.  You will want to leave time for the dolphin show and maybe even the 4-D theater show. 

The admission is expensive so you may want to seriously consider a membership if you think that you might go more than once in a year.  They also have special programs and overnights for which members receive a discount.  One important thing to note is that there are no strollers allowed.  There is a stroller check-in where you may borrow a front carrier or backpack carrier for your baby/toddler for free. 

Maryland Science Center

The Maryland Science Center is another great option for families of all ages to visit in Baltimore.  It contains three levels of fun for scientists ranging from young children to adults.  They will often have several free small science demonstrations in addition to a wet lab in which you may sign up to do an experiment.  There are also some programs specifically designed for young children.  They have a free planetarium and an IMAX theater that you may visit for an extra fee.  For lunch, they have a small cafeteria so you will not have to leave the building and go out into the cold for a meal.  If you choose to get a membership for this facility, your membership will also get you in free to many other science museums across the country.

Port Discovery

Port Discovery is a very fun children’s museum.  Your young children will have a blast here, but it is not somewhere for just adults or those with older children.  This great museum has many different exhibits including one on Egypt, a farm, a soccer field, farm market, climbing gym, mystery house, music studio, convenience store, dreamlab, art studio, quiet room with puzzles and books, pretend diner, and even a water play area.   Your little ones will be busy for hours.  You should watch their website for special offers as you can sometimes find a discount or even rarely a free day to visit.  If you choose to purchase a membership, they participate with other children’s museums that will give reciprocal admission.

These three attractions are all found within walking distance of each other in the Inner Harbor which also has some great restaurants.