The Geography of Baltimore MD

The geography of Baltimore is wonderful, indeed. They don’t call Maryland “America in miniature” for nothing! Baltimore has both hills and harbor. It is located on the Chesapeake Bay and has access to major shipping channels, as well as, world class sailing. Every couple of years the Volvo World yacht race sails up the Chesapeake to have a visit in Baltimore. The city has also hosted the Tall Ships many times. In 1976, the Bi-centennial celebration hosted many ships at one time and the Harbor was full of sailors from all over the world. It was quite a scene to behold.

Baltimore is in close proximity to Washington, DC. The War of 1812 was executed in the harbor where Francis Scott Key wrote the “Star Spangle Banner”. Fort Mchenry sits on the south side of the city, now as a welcoming landmark, is a place for delightful celebrations including fireworks and reenactments. Fells Point which is just across the harbor is know for famous Inns and restaurants. Sailors have visited Fells Point since the inception of the colonial period.

As one travels up-town, the discovery of rolling hills are apparent. The Basillica is the first Catholic Cathedral in America and it is located a half-mile north of the inner harbor. Mount Vernon, the location where George Washington spent time during the revolutionary war, has a statue that was erected in his honor. The Mount Vernon area has architecture which is heavy influenced by 18th century European design.

Further north, the Jones Falls is the tributary that runs through the city and empties into the harbor.. This is where the Jones Falls Expressway gets it’sname. Adjacent to the Jones Falls, traveling northeast, is the campy area known as Hampden. Baltimore’s answer to Greenwich Village, where you will find a heavy influence of the artistic community. A few miles north one enters the prestigious area of Roland Park, with it’s 19th century Victorian influenced mansions. The community was designed by the same individual who created Central Park.

Old Hilltop is the name given to Pimilico Race Track. Beyond the Baltimore City limits we find some of the most beautiful country in the world. This is Maryland horse country. Horse farms dot the countryside from Greenspring to Worthington Valley. Driving along the green pastures is about as fun as it gets. Watching the foals in spring, running and bucking, are one reason we had a team called the Colts. Thoroughbred racing used to be the most popular sport in this city during the earlier days, now we are a town of baseball diamonds and football fields.

This mid Atlantic region is rich in physical resources. The proximity to the Ocean, the Bay and the Valleys of the Piedmont, make Baltimore a gem of a city for all who are seeking geographic ,as well as, cultural variety.