Great Place for a Date

Baltimore is an interesting place to live. Of course like any major city, it has its highs and lows. Pleasantly, one of the more beautiful highs of the city is the awesome glow of the Baltimore Inner Harbor at night. And there is no better place to take in the breathtaking wonder than from the view at Federal Hill Park. It’s the perfect way to cap a romantic dinner out at Mo’s Fisherman’s Wharf (sounds funky but trust me, it’s fantastic). Both places are great for any date, not just the first, but whether separate or apart, will lay the groundwork for a second night out (or in).

Federal Hill Park is a historic piece of American History and one of the most charming parts of “Charm City”. It’s located within walking distance of the water’s edge at the Baltimore Inner Harbor. Check out the back story of the park at and you will have plenty of conversation to offer your date. And if neither of you are that into history , it’s still perfect for a moment of public-intimacy and “get to know one another” time. If you and your date have any natural chemistry, the vibe of sitting together, taking in the view, will set the perfect mood. Especially after having a romantic meal together.

The key to enjoying this date spot though is setting a romantic theme. The view of the harbor is stunning before or after sunset, add to that a well planned picnic or lunch/dinner at Mo’s Fisherman’s Wharf, and you are sure to make it right. Just picture it: the cool breeze, the soft earth beneath the blanket that’s beneath your bodies (maybe a blanket on top if needed), your beautiful date, flowing conversation (maybe just between your lips), and the perfect view? Sounds like a scene from a romantic movie to me.

Now forget the funky name. Once you step inside Mo’s Fisherman’s Wharf, you’ll know you made the right choice. It’s a wonderful place in “Little Italy” (just minutes literally from the Inner Harbor) with great Italian and seafood dishes. They have the right kind of atmosphere with soft lighting and fine dining decor (there’s also a seated bar option for a more casual choice). The fresh lobster fettucini alfredo is absolutely delicious. They have a good wine selection and I have never been dissatisfied with the service.

“Mo’s” is my restaurant of choice for a date. Sure you could go to Cheesecake Factory (which is also at the Inner harbor) or some other fantastic but commercially well known place with locations in a dozen cities, but keeping it local makes your day together a more quaint, unique, and significant experience. Truly romantic.

My personal suggestion, have dinner at “Mo’s” then park the car at the bottom and stroll to the top of Federal Hill. Find a great spot, layout the blanket and bask in the moment. Mix up the order if you want, add more ingredients if you like, but if you stick with at least one these two main parts, prepare for an outstanding time.