Baltimore Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland is without a doubt the biggest and most well-known city in the small state of Maryland.  Many big cities have some good sides to them and a majority of them have some very negative points to them.  Baltimore is a city that has a lot of positive points and therefore makes Baltimore a great place to live.  This article will give three reasons why Baltimore is a great place to live.

1)  Traffic!  Traffic in most big cities makes traveling to them a burden and not a pleasure.  However, Baltimore is close to Interstate 95 and although Baltimore has its bad days, the city is fairly smooth to travel through.  Rush hour and accidents are always going to cause traffic delays, but on a normal weekday, traffic in Baltimore is not that bad.  Getting on and off the interstate is fairly easy and the exits are not too far in between each other.  Cities like Chicago and New York make traveling to them a headache, but Baltimore is not as congested and traveling through Baltimore provides a very scenic view of the city.

2)  Seafood!  The Chesapeake Bay runs through Maryland and provides some of the best tasting seafood in the United States.  Thus, you have the Maryland Crab Cake, which is available in many venues through out the city of Baltimore.  Crab cakes, crab legs, shrimp, and more will keep you a very satisfied resident in Maryland.  The prices are not extremely cheap and they are also not too expensive.  The seafood is one of the added extras that makes Baltimore, Maryland a great place to live!

3)  The Inner Harbor!  The Baltimore Inner Harbor is a serene place to see, especially at night.  Visiting Harborplace Mall while in Baltimore and eating at some of the venues located on the river will reassure you that Baltimore is a great place to live.  There are your occasional homeless people that can be somewhat annoying and not add to the beauty of the Harbor, but it certainly shouldn’t deter your opinion about Baltimore being a great place to live.  The beautiful Harbor adds to the already awesome environment that surrounds Baltimore.

Baltimore has its problems just like another big city, but the good outweighs the bad and therefore, Baltimore is a great place to live.