Portland me Climate

Portland, Maine has a humid continental climate. Since the city lies on the Atlantic Ocean shoreline, much of the climate is influenced by the ocean breezes. That means the surrounding areas may be a bit cooler during the winter and a tad warmer in the summer. Nevertheless, Portland still has cold, brutal winters, followed by warm, moist summers.


Portland’s winters can be severe at times. The so-called nor’easters sometimes sweep through, dumping plenty of snow onto the city. An average winter snow amount is about sixty inches, and large coastal snowstorms help contribute to that amount. There are periods of raw, rainy days as well. 

Temperatures are cold, usually near freezing for much of the winter season. The Atlantic Ocean moderates the temperatures somewhat, but still, daytime highs often stay near the freezing mark. Nighttime lows are mainly in the teens and 20s (degrees Fahrenheit). Arctic air masses out of Canada sometimes allow temperatures to fall below zero degrees, especially with deep snow on the ground.


Spring is varied. There are days when the weather is sunny, and temperatures are in the 70s, making outdoor activities enjoyable. Then there are other days when the weather turns rough, and severe weather follows. As far as temperatures go, highs generally range from around forty degrees in March to up to seventy in May. Lows range from the 20s throughout March to the 40s in May. 

Early spring snowstorms are not uncommon for a city like Portland, and they are usually in March. As temperatures warm up during the spring, thunderstorm chances increase also. They are more likely to develop in May.


Summers are pleasantly warm, but rather wet. Daytime highs are in the 70s and 80s from June through August. Heatwaves happen sometimes in Portland, with temperatures topping out into the 90s. Thunderstorms can bring heavy rainfall, possibly prompting flash flooding.


Autumn is beautiful. With leaves changing colors and crisp air hanging, the season is spectacular for outdoor recreation. Temperatures rarely get very hot or very cold. There are plenty of days with high temperatures in the 70s and 60s for September and October. November usually has Portland’s first snow of the season, as the month turns colder.

Portland, Maine has a temperate climate with different seasons. Perhaps the best season to visit the city is in the autumn, because the weather is usually sunny and temperatures are mild.