The History and Significance of new Orleans Garden District

The Garden District in beautiful downtown New Orleans, Louisiana, and is a neighborhood of the city. It borders on such streets as St. Charles Avenue and First Street, the history of this district starts back as far as the 1800s and was originally developed for celebrations and the wealthy newcomers to New Orleans, The people of New Orleans built their best mansions and authentic sculptures and boutiques to show all of the wealth and prosperity that New Orleans had to offer, and today may be one of the most well preserved collections of historic southern mansions in the United States.

This whole area was once filled with hundreds of plantations. Originally every one of these plantations had lavish beautiful gardens and even their own ponds and miniature plaza squares, Even though the area became more subdivided due to very wealthy Americans buying the plantations there were more mansions built there in a Victorian style construction an each decorated with beautiful flowers and gardens. Because of this tradition continuing, the area became known as the Garden District and is still just as beautiful as it always was.

The significance of the Garden District has become world wide due to its popularity with other counties and cultures. People come from all over the world to visit the Garden District there are guided tours with many sights to see and thing’s to do there. The Garden District also sets next door to the historic Cemeteryand the George Washington Cable House. These are national landmarks as well as the Garden District and its many surrounding areas, there have been Documentaries and movies made in the Garden District because of the significance of it’s history and surroundings.

The significance of the Garden District and its residents include the Lafayette cemetery number one, which has old vaults and crypts that date back before new Orleans was even built, and then there is an underground of New Orleans that brings in thousands of tourists every year to see this site along with the many other landmarks of the Garden District.

The Garden District is the essence of new Orleans and is one of the main places that has made New Orleans so historically significant in it’s popularity, Louisiana is best known and traveled for its many wonders, but the Garden District is what has made Louisiana so popular and well known. It’s no wonder with its many historical parks, landmarks, boutiques, hotels, Victorian houses and eateries it has to offer, that it’s always stayed the number one destination to see. And let’s not forget the all popular Mardi Gras which practically runs day and night right through the Garden District. So the history and significance of the Garden District has been phenomenal in all of its many aspects through the years of its beautiful and yet mysterious existence.