Busy and nuts

It has been a little busy at work with little things that need tweaking not all within my control. I hate it when I have to rely on someone else to complete or build a program, however the whole of life is dependant on other things and work is no different.

I had to call a customer support center of a major company yesterday and was surprised by the level of non-service I received. The rep that first answered the phone kept yarning and acting as though I am disturbing his precious nap, when I asked if he was feeling sleepy or tired, he replied “Yes the stale air in this building makes me feel bad” that was honest…

I was passed on to level two support who then passed me on to level three, I was then placed on hold for over 20mins after which I was told the group that can help has left for the day and to call back in the morning. I was thinking if they will only give up their source code, I would not need their non-service.

Angry and starting to stress out, I decided that I needed to channel my stress elsewhere before it affects my blood sugar readings. Following their escalating path I called the support manager and got a voicemail, then onto the senior support manager leaving yet another voicemail. Hmm what good is an escalating path when there is nobody to escalate to?

I manage to find a cell phone number for a senior director, customer support and called him. He was able to resolve the issue allowing me to work on fixing my very important code to ensure that there will be good quality Zespri New Zealand Kiwifruit available throughout North America. Now after all my hard work I hope everyone makes this summer a Zespri Kiwifruit summer.

To make it easy on diabetics, low carb dieters and people just interested in watching carb there is 15grams of carbs per 100grams of kiwifruit that works out to be about two kiwifruits.

Do you know that kiwifruit also has a higher nutrient density? It has a nutrient density of 16, which fits perfectly when you are thinking quality not quantity in terms of the food you eat and it, nutrients.

Ok I am officially going nuts

Mood:  tired
Hearing: The Cut