Spring activities in Lexington, Ky

Old Man Winter puts up a good fight in relinquishing control over to the refreshing season of spring in Lexington, Kentucky. However, a few weeks after the official day of spring he submits allowing the cherry blossoms to come into bloom and for the residents to thaw out looking for things to do that are fun and exciting.

Lexington is known as “The Horse Capitol of the World”. It is not surprising that when spring decides to blossom that horse season starts. Horses are evident everywhere you look in Lexington from the bronze and colorful statues to the several horse farms. Lexington is also home to the Kentucky Horse Park and Keenland which play a big role in the Kentucky Derby.

Kentucky Horse Park

The Kentucky Horse Park is home to the International Museum of the Horse. However, it is also home to a variety of activities that are fun for all ages. Some of these include a horse-drawn buggy tour and another tour of the horse farm that takes you behind the scenes of a farm that was where many world famous horses trained. They also have several events and activities scheduled throughout spring.

What would the Kentucky Horse Park be without horseback riding? You can ride the trails at the Kentucky Horse Park or allow the children to go on guided pony rides. Tickets are $22.00 to go horseback riding. Pony rides are only $5.00.

The Kentucky Horse Park is only open to the public from April 1 to October 31. Admission to the park is $16.00 for adults and $8.00 for children under the age of 12. For residents who plan to visit often, especially families, it is a better savings to purchase a season pass for $90.00.


Another wonder place to see horses in action during the spring is at Keenland. Keenland opens its gates to the public around 7:30am each morning in the spring. Although the horses don’t race until the afternoon this is a great time to see the horses train and enjoy a quieter Keenland. You can also tour the grounds and learn more about the behind the scenes of horse racing. They also have several events in the spring including Saturday morning breakfast. For more information on what Keenland has to offer, visit their website.

City Parks

Lexington also has a many parks to enjoy during the spring. Woodland Park is a place where kids can play on the large playground, skateboarders skate at the skate park, and couples and families have picnics. There is also a pool that opens up later in the spring. The parking lot is very small so many people park along the street.

Another favorite park is Jacobson Park. It located in the east part of Lexington and encompasses 216-acres. You can walk the dog, play basketball, go fishing, rent paddle boats, and much more. Each spring they kick off their series of event with a kite day. Learn how to make a kite, get your face painted, and blow bubbles. This is definitely a park to clear your schedule and enjoy the day.

Lexington Cemetery

Lexington Cemetery is another great place to enjoy the beauty of spring. They have a variety of different trees that will be budding and in bloom. There are areas great for blanket picnics next to fountains and you can even bring the kids to feed the ducks. Many people also come to Lexington Cemetery to go jogging. The cemetery has two events each spring. One is an Easter Walk and the other is on Memorial Day to honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

The Arboretum

Escape the busy sounds of the city without leaving the city. The Arboretum State Botanical Garden of Kentucky is located at 500 Alumni Drive and has several springtime events worth checking out including their Arbor Day event in April. Also take advantage of the workshops and classes they offer. Prefer some quiet time away from the events and classes? There is a two mile winding paved trail that has many flowers to enjoy.

Regardless of where you go, when spring decides to stick around in Lexington, you will find plenty of things to do outdoors after a long, harsh winter of snow and ice. Soon the treacherous winter will be nothing but a vague memory with all the beautiful distractions of spring.