Kids can Learn and have Fun at the Park

Mammoth Cave National Park is located in the Green River Valley of south central Kentucky.  Since 1816 visitors have formally been touring Mammoth Cave. It was deemed a National Park in 1941.

Mammoth Cave is the world’s longest known cave. There are more than 392 miles of interconnected passages. The Mammoth caves are so much larger, that even if the second and third largest known caves in the world were joined, Mammoth would still have 100 more miles of passages. It is massive.

There are many things for kids to do at Mammoth Cave National Park.

Touring the cave
Touring the caves is not for very small children. Children in strollers and infants are not allowed for safety reasons. Most tours require that children be at least six years old. Some tours require even older ages.

Mammoth Passage Tour
This tour takes the path where the caves were first discovered about 4000 years ago. There are remains of an early mining operation that took place in the cave. The tour takes about an hour and fifteen minutes and covers ¾ of a mile. There are 160 stairs.

Frozen Niagara Tour
This begins with a bus tour over the cave to an entrance that was created in 1924. This is an easy tour to see the most decorative parts of the cave. You will learn how travertine is formed. You will see the Onyx Dome, Rainbow Dome, and Moonlight Dome on the way to the Frozen Niagara Formation.

Spelunking Tour
This is for kids over 10 years old accompanied by two adults. Chest or hips can not exceed 42 inches because you won’t fit. This is an undeveloped, get down and dirty, learn about caving adventure.

Trog Tour
This is for kids ages 8 to 12, no parents allowed!  They hike a little, put on the hard hats with lights, and have a real adventure.

Check here for a full schedule of tours.

Kids enjoy camping. There are three established campgrounds, Mammoth Cave Campground, Houchin Ferry Campground and Maple Springs Group Campground.  There are also some backcountry options for the more adventurous family.  

Junior Ranger Program
This is a great program where kids get to earn bat point by participating in activities at Mammoth Cave. The kids will all know about “white noise disease”.

Learning about the music
As an interesting side note have the kids check out the music associated with the caves.  There are songs to hear and stories to tell.

It is a great family destination.