Goodland Ks

One of the most common known facts Goodland, Kansas is that this small town has extreme weather variety. The entire state of Kansas is highly known for various weather events that range from blizzards to tornadoes to heat waves. That’s very typical for much of the central United States as well.

Goodland has a steppe climate. That means winters are cold and brutal, and summers are hot. The precipitation is usually moderately low – about twenty inches usually fall in any given year. That’s still enough to support agriculture for farmers, particularly wheat.


Normal daytime temperatures are in the low 40s (degrees Fahrenheit) for Goodland. Low temperatures often dip into the teens. Goodland is no stranger to arctic blasts that invade the Midwest in the winter. Sometimes extremely cold air masses that arrive from Canada push temperatures to below zero, possibly as daytime highs, too. But there are some mild winter days, too, depending on how much sunshine Goodland gets.

Much of the precipitation falls in the form of snow. Blizzards with snow measured in feet have happened in western Kansas, along with dangerously low wind chill readings. Snowfall for a typical winter in Goodland is near twenty inches.


Spring is tolerably pleasant, with more sunny days as temperatures gradually rise into the 70s and 80s by April. Early spring snowstorms happen on occasion, especially in March. Kansas is highly known for severe weather, and Goodland can get any type of severe weather during the spring. Tornadoes, large hail, and damaging winds are all possible on any spring day.


Goodland’s summers are hot, and sometimes high humidity is factored in. Daytime temperatures are in the 80s and 90s, with nights cooling to around sixty degrees. Heat waves with temperatures in the 100s are uncommon, especially when there’s a severe drought going on. Just like in the spring, thunderstorms pop up from time to time, and they may be severe with large hail or damaging winds.


Autumn is another transitional season for Goodland, with temperatures declining to the 30s by the time October rolls around. Pleasant days can be expected with daytime highs in the 60s and 70s, and 40s as lows. Precipitation stays on the light side, with the first snowfall of the season happening sometime in November.

Goodland has a steppe climate that has four different seasons. Weather changes rapidly in this small western Kansas town. Since Goodland lies in the flat Great Plains, it has very large temperature swings year around. Of course, that’s typical for the Midwest.