A look at the Neighborhoods of Wichita Ks

Some of the neighborhoods of Wichita are great to live in. They are picturesque, refreshing and with a charm of their own. For a better understanding of the neighborhoods of this City, let us take a look at the different places in Wichita. Wichita is the seat of the Sedgwick County in the state of Kansas and is the widest and most populated city in the state.

# 1. Delano:

This area of Wichita was named after Christopher Delano and is located to the west of the Arkansas River and West of Downtown. It has approximately 2700 households, several businesses and is one of Wichita’s oldest neighborhoods. There are also many unique shops, art galleries, restaurants and parks.

*The Delano Park is a small triangular park on 101, N. Mc Lean Boulevard. It is 0.61 acres in size.

* The Seneca Park in Delano is at 202, S. Seneca and consist of 2 tennis courts, 1 children’s play area and 1 drinking fountain. It is approximately 2 acres in size.

* West Side Athlethic Field: This is a sporting area of 24.83 acres. It consists of 1 Baseball Diamond, a stadium to seat 1200 people, 1 children’s play area, 5 drinking fountains, 4 soft ball diamonds, 1 storage building and 3 parking lots.

# 2. Old Town:

Old Town is part of Downtown in the heart of Wichita and is a historic town. It consists of historical ware-house type buildings and is famous for the Warren Theatre. Some of the historical buildings are of limestone with over a 100 restaurants, shops, night clubs, theatres, apartments museums and businesses. Many buildings date back to the period from 1870 to 1930.

# 3. College Hill:

College Hill is yet another historic area in Wichita and a very comfortable residential area. It is east of downtown and is the commercial seat of Wichita. It has a gentle upward sloping terrain where the highest peak is 75 feet above downtown area. Much of the business and wealthy folk used to reside on the hilltop as it gave them a status segregation of being elevated and better than the rest of the city. It also has a beautiful view of Downtown.

# 4. Riverside:

North West of Downtown, Riverside has famous places like Castle Inn Bed and Breakfast, Riverside Cup of Tea and Riverside Perk. The Riverside Municipal Airport is the only airport in North-West Wichita, and is one of the few airports that is publicly used although privately owned airports.

# 5. Bel Aire:

Bel Aire represents the metro life of the people of Wichita with a mix of both the rural and urban life styles. It is one of the best residential areas to shopping centres and easy access to the local schools. It is also a preferred relaxing get-away destination for many.

Other areas in Wichita are Uptown, Midtown, Downtown, South Central and North Central, to name a few.