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Indianapolis can be a fantastic town; large enough to support any need, yet retaining its cozy corners that separate it from the metropolises elsewhere. Living in Indy can be a wonderful experience; however, like any locale, the quality of life can be affected by budget, and knowing where costs can be cut can be very valuable. Fortunately, Naptown has some attractive options.

One good rule of thumb to remember about this city is that the north side tends to be the ritzier, more higher-income part of town, whereas the south and east sides tend to be cheaper. This may sound like a stereotype, but it is simply the fact of how income-related migratory patterns have fallen. As always, though, with any urban location, the downtown area will have the highest fares.


Going to a Colts game or a headline concert at Canseco Fieldhouse may seem like a prime idea, but the cost of the seats definitely reflects a chunk of pocketbook money. Instead, there are definitely more economical options.

For sports, try going to an Indianapolis Indians game. The baseball is semi-professional, which means the players are playing for love of the game, and the prices are much cheaper than you would find at Major League events. Otherwise, there are plenty of high-quality college and high school options as well.

For music, try one of the trendy local scenes in the outlying suburbs, such as Beech Grove or Irvington. Notices abound in hyper-local papers, along with online directories, and going to see an indie band can be a genuinely fun experience, just minutes away from crowded downtown.

For the arts, take advantage of one of the premier museums on their discount days, or even for free, as is the case on Tuesday’s at the Museum of Art near Butler University. Its many exhibits are top-notch and certainly worth seeing if you can manage a day trip.


When it comes to groceries, Indianapolis is not without a plethora of options. But while some of the larger chains have key sites, such as Meijer or Super Wal-Mart, it can be worthwhile to check out the smaller, local shops such as Marsh. Also, the city has Aldi locations, which always means discount grocery shopping; just remember to bring a quarter for the security carts, and your own bags for the groceries.

Housing, as mentioned above, tends to be less expensive on the south and east sides of Indiana’s capital. Although, as the downtown area continues to expand and innovate, there are some decent openings there as well, worth checking out.

Otherwise, in all honesty, many of the same rules of money-saving apply no matter where you live: Use common sense, pinch your pennies, do not buy on impulse, shop around for deals, and budget carefully. Adhering to basic, reasonable principles can save hundreds of dollars per year. With that in mind, Indy can be enjoyed even more!