Indianapolis Weather

Indianapolis is almost dead center in the middle of the state of Indiana and is a typical Midwestern town with a climate that can be very pleasant one day and completely horrible the next! The familiar refrain from the song Little Green Apples that says, “it don’t rain in Indianapolis in the summertime,” will draw a wry smile from any native Hoosier. Fans of the Indianapolis 500 car race, which is held annually in Indianapolis over Memorial Day weekend, will vouch for the occasional thunderstorms that cause the race to be halted. Although temperatures in Indianapolis sometimes can soar into the 90’s and occasionally beyond, people love their evening baseball games, lush golf courses, local swimming pools, and outdoor concerts that the summer climate allows.

Those cold, dreary, almost unending winter days, however, offer different pleasures that a sandy beach cannot provide. Desert heat in December may be ideal climate to Arizona residents, but the warmth of an Indianapolis fireplace can only be enjoyed when the temperature drops below freezing and the snowflakes start to fall. The climate in Indiana’s capital city in the winter is not always ideal for driving, but it is perfect for enjoying the pleasures of hearth and home with a cup of hot chocolate.

Springtime in Indianapolis, of course, follows the old adage that “April showers bring May flowers.” After a long winter with snow, sleet, ice, snowplows, and school closings due to weather, smiles start to blossom along with the tulips and daffodils when the days start to be brighter and more conducive to outdoor activities. People in perpetually sunny climates like Florida probably enjoy springtime also. But to really appreciate all the beauty and new life of a spring day, a person has to have lived through a few miserably harsh winter days! The wonders of spring in Indianapolis are undeniable!

Autumn in Indianapolis frequently offers all the weather conditions of the other three seasons, except now they are accompanied by the amazing colors of autumn as the leaves start to pile up on lawns. The occasional hot and humid climate one day, may be followed by cooler weather for raking leaves the next day. During fall, bathing suits are put away and are replaced by jackets and sweaters. Rain during this season might remind the Indianapolis resident of the beauties of the past springtime. Or a light snow covering the yet unraked leaves may foreshadow the winter days that are approaching. The four seasons in Indianapolis, although quite distinct, frequently overlap, and present those who live there, a variety of climates to enjoy!