Unusual Ice Cream Offferings in Chicago

Chicago merchants know how to mix it up when it comes to offbeat ice cream. Customers can make their own creations in many restaurants if they’ve a special combination in mind. Whether your taste runs to unusual or exotic, chances are good you’ll find what you want in Chicago. Maybe bright green basil ice cream is too exotic for you, but buttermilk mango ice cream is an unusually delicious treat. If you’re in the mood for something offbeat, try the following establishments.

Bobtail Ice Cream:

If you want to drink your lunch without actually “drinking,” head for Bobtail Ice Cream where you can savor Dutch cocoa ice cream blended with Jack Daniels. If you’re driving, you might want to go lighter and opt for the Signature Sunset of Merlot ice cream with dark chocolate chips. Just for good measure you can finish with the Bobby Joe, a choice of ice cream, blended with espresso, and coffee.

Bobtail has three locations in Chicago.

Cold Stone Creamery:

Ice cream connoisseurs naturally head for Cold Stone Creamery on Ontario Street or Wells Street where they sample Jell-O pudding ice cream in two flavors or one of the signature creations such as Cheesecake Fantasy, Apple pie a la Cold Stone, or Oreo Overload. More adventurous patrons can create their own combinations with premium ice creams. Cotton candy ice cream with toppings might grab your taste buds.

Miko’s Italian Ice:

In the hot summer heat of Chicago, sometimes you want to go lighter and choose refreshment over extra calories. Miko’s Italian Ice is a no-frills establishment located in the Bucktown neighborhood with the best Italian Ice in Chicago, and customers don’t mind his humble establishment. Miko offers a large variety of flavors and expands offerings as fruits come into season.

Mango, kiwi, coconut, banana with chocolate chips, watermelon, and the traditional lemon ice are favorites, and there are a host of other flavors.

Scooters Frozen Custard:

Frozen custard is a big favorite in Chicago. In the summer these merchants satisfy many customers. Frozen custard is naturally lighter than ‘real’ ice cream, but it’s just frozen custard, isn’t it? Aside from vanilla, chocolate and chocolate dipped cones, what else is there?

Scooters answers Chicagoans with a big variety of frozen custards including chocolate peanut butter, Snickers, burnt sugar, Key lime, and German chocolate cake. The Key lime is a taste sensation.

Ritz Carlton Hotel:

The Greenhouse at the Ritz-Carlton Chicago offers offbeat ice cream through Labor Day. You don’t have to be a guest at the hotel to enjoy the luscious espresso biscotti or the lemon meringue sundae made with lemon yogurt. The greenhouse setting provides a pleasant dessert experience. Prices run about $12 for the creations, so maybe it wouldn’t be the best choice for a large family experience.

Prices vary with size and selection at these ice cream establishments, but most creations are moderately priced. Offbeat ice cream? If you can dream it up, you can probably custom-create it in Chicago.