Springfield Pizza

The best Pizzeria in Springfield, will never compare to the pizza three hours north, but because of it’s proximity to Chicago there is amazing Pizza in Springfield. The chains can be crossed off the list right away. Pizza Hut, Godfathers, and Dominoes cannot cut the mustard when we are talking about authentic, one of a kind, explosions of taste good Pizza affords your mouth.

I will take a one to seven approach on the Pizzeria’s in Springfield, that is all I found worthy of being the best in Springfield. In an exhaustive approach to Pizza Joints, you should have a list of thin and deep dish, but we will throw them all together because lets face we aren’t talking about Chicago here.

1. Gabatoni’s

Perfect name, and nice circuses. This Restaurant has been in Springfield for at least forty years, and hasn’t changed it’s sauce, or signature thin crust. The crust is what makes this Pizza the best. It is never over cooked, and perfectly crispy, just like Mama used to make. If you like Deep Dish then go somewhere else, but if you like just enough sauce, mouth watering cheese, and tasty Italian sausage, then Gabby’s (as it’s affectionately called) is for you.

2. Luca Pizza

This is the place for Deep Dish pizza in Springfield. They have been around for 32 years and can make a good deep dish Italian sausage, and mushroom pizza. The crust is never soggy, but instead crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The toppings are out of this world. If they bottled their sauce it would be on everyone’s list of favorites, the cheese is perfect, and its reasonably priced.

3. Bernie and Betty’s Pizza

This Pizza joint is a normal run of the mill place. The staff is very nice, much better than most places I have been too. I liked the price, and the pizza’s were good, not great. The toppings are good, don’t get the supreme, stick to Italian sausage, and mushroom, or pepperoni. The sauce is OK, but sometimes the crust is soggy for the deep dish. I think it depends on how busy the place is. Overall its better than most.

4. Frances

This place isn’t exactly in Springfield, but they deliver to Springfield. It is great value for the price. $11 for a large pizza with one topping. I suggest to stay away from the pepperoni, the Italian sausage is good, and the cheese is good. The crust is average, and again it depends on how busy they are for quality. I put it four because of the price, you really can’t beat the pizza for the price.

5. Pizza Machine

The Pizza here is good, not great, the restaurant experience is spectacular. If you want to bring twenty friends, you will be accommodated. They have what they purport to be the World’s largest Pizza. It’s sixty inches wide and is delivered to the table by the one and only Pizza Crane. It makes for a good experience. I recommend it. Stay away from the thin crust it’s not worth it.

6. Joe’s Italian Pizza

I would put this higher i not for the slow service. The toppings are great, the crust is adequate, and the sauce is truly delectable. What I find hard was the hour and a half it took to get a Pizza. It was good but not that good. We aren’t talking about Geno’s in Palatine, or Three Stars in Woodstock good, we are talking Rosati’s good.

7. Stuffed-Aria Pizza

This has the best stuffed Pizza in Springfield. The cheese is good, and the sausage and pepper stuffed was one of the best I’ve ever had. Their sauce isn’t the best but it’s not bad. I didn’t try anything else, but wouldn’t eat anything but their stuffed now. It takes some skill to get a stuffed pizza right. Some places try to make it and it becomes a gooey mess of soggy crust, too much sauce, and not enough toppings. This pizza was good, it was slightly crispy on the bottom, and was stuffed to the brim with delicious sausage and just the way I like green peppers. It’s worth trying if you are ever there.