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Imagine a pizza so large, it’s transported to your table with an overhead crane. That’s what you find at The Pizza Machine in downtown Springfield, IL. It’s a family owned establishment with a fun reputation. Godfather Pizza has three pizzerias in the Springfield area and though they’re a chain, they want to make a deal you can’t refuse. Luca is authethic Italian food without the bells and whistles.

As you board the trolley for your tour of Springfield sites you’re transported back to a simpler time as you lean back and drink in the sights. You spot Mario’s Pizza Northeast of the city and later you see Luca’s Pizza Southwest of the city. You know you’ve hit pizza payday when you see these Old World Italian name establishments in Springfield.

You may be tempted to jump off the trolley, and temporarily abandon your tour of historic sites, at the whiff of exquisite aromatic pleasures that invade your senses, but try to hang in there, dinner time is near.

Fast forward to dinnertime: We’ll start with hungry families and bored children who’ve been touring the city all day. The kids are revved up and wanting to have fun. You might prefer a peaceful place to unwind, but you know the children need some fun type diversion and you give in to The Pizza Machine.

The Pizza Machine,107 Cook, Springfield, IL

This place is not just a pizzeria, it’s a pizza experience. If you have hungry and adventurous children this is the place for you. Overhead-automated cranes deliver the gargantuan “5-foot across” pizza to groups or parties. If your family is standard size, you can order standard size pizzas instead of the 40″ and 60″ inch pizzas.

The Pizza Machine will appeal to anyone who wants to dine in a fun place with custom artwork adorning the main dining room and a choice of activities. There is an arcade room and the upscale Infinity Room that seats 150 people suitable for banquets and parties. There is even a stage where performances can take place. Pizza machine transports you to a new world.

So is the pizza good? The locally owned estabishment offers a world famous stuffed pizza and when you serve 60″ pizzas, they had better be good! Imagine returning a 60″ pizza because it was not satisfactory.

Luca Pizza, 2937 West Iles Ave, Springfield, IL

With a name like Luca Pizza, you just knew this place had to serve authentic Italian pizza with Old World know how. They’ve been in Springfield for 32 years and members of the Caro family still run the business. They make homemade dough, homemade sauces, grate their cheeses, and use fresh meats every day. They bake their bread daily to ensure the freshest final product.

The Luca establishment says, “Average pizza is a dime a dozenbut we are confident none of our competition comes close to our quality and authentic Italian flavor.” Luca Pizza prices are average and they also offer catering service. Luca Pizza features Neapolitan Thin Crust and Sicilian Deep Dish Thick Crust pizzas. If you favor authentic Italian over ambience, Luca Pizza is the best choice.

Godfathers Pizza has three locations in Springfield, IL.

Northwest: 301 N. Grand Ave, close to downtown attractions

Southwest: 754 Wabash Ave.

Southeast: 1549 S. Dirksen Pkwy

I was slightly put off to discover that Godfathers Pizza is a national chain of pizzerias. With a name like Godfathers, I was half expecting a Marlon Brando like figure sitting at a back table watching over the place.

The Godfathers motto is to “make you an offer you can’t refuse.” They claim to use the finest ingredients available. The pizzeria started as one store in Omaha, NE thirty years ago and grew into a national chain, so they must be doing pizza right.

Godfathers pizza is very good, but if you want authenticity you may want to choose a different pizzeria.

In addition to the three mentioned, there are many great pizzerias in Springfield, IL. You’ll also find the standard fast food chains such as Pizza Hut, Dominos, and others. They are kinder to your wallet in these hard economic times and if you’re crunched for time, their service is quick.

Find a guide to pizzerias at http://springfield.diningguide.com/dt2piz.htm. Click on their websites for restaurant reviews.

Eating out should always be a special treat in your own city or while visiting another but tastes differ and you can be sure that there is one to please you in Springfield. Try the pizzeria that appeals to you and if it meets your expectations you’ll return. There are 60 pizzerias to try in the Springfield, IL area. Just be sure to take your antacids with you.