Must Visit Restaurants in Chicago

  Chicago is one of the greatest cities to visit in the United States!  One of the things that makes Chicago great is the wide selection of exciting restaurants the city has to offer.  Here are 5 of the must visit restaurants in Chicago to visit for sure:

  1)  “Signature Room” –   The Signature Room is located on the 95th floor of the John Hancock building in Chicago!  This awesome restaurant overlooks the “Windy City” and is especially breathtaking at night when everything is lit up.  The food here is out of this world and the price is also very expensive.  This may not be an every week visit, but definitely must be visited at least one time to experience pure elegance and a wonderful experience to be had.  

  2)  “Rainforest Cafe” –  Rainforest Cafe is definitely a must visit restaurant in Chicago!  The jungle environment will entice you to enter and once inside and seated, you will notice the apes beating their chest and the lights flickering on and off.  This is especially nice for the children as the restaurant is filled with fish tanks with beautiful fish and the surroundings make you feel like you’re in the amazon.  The food is very good, especially the crab cake and prices are in the moderate price range.  A fun place to eat!

  3)  “Ed Debevic’s” – Welcome to possibly the most unique restaurant in the world.  The waiters here will treat you like garbage and that is the whole point.  They will do everything from barking at you to order quick to throwing your dinner rolls to you.  The food is average but the environment is well worth the visit.  This is definitely a must visit restaurant in Chicago, just to see the demeanor of the wait staff and enjoy the commands of the waiters as you order and eat their food.  A fun place to be sure!

  4)  “Fogo de Chao” – Fogo de Chao is a Brazilian restaurant that is also very unique!  After you have been seated and eat at the salad bar, they will bring you a two sided card.  One side is green and one side is red and depending on the side, that will depend on the waiter bringing you meat to be sliced off a sword with a knife.  The sky is the limit as you enjoy the best meat possibly ever cooked.  The price is high, but the experience will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.

  5)  “Cheesecake Factory” – This is more of a dessert establishment, but regular food is on the menu.  The cheesecake is obviously the highlight, hence the name, and it may be the best cheesecake in the nation.  A little high priced, but definitely a must visit restaurant in Chicago.

  This is probably the top list of many restaurants, many of which are worth the visit, but these are keepers and definitely must visits.